Oh Crap / Web Original

  • In TOME, Alpha is quite prone to having these. The crowner goes to when Zetto becomes Demon Zetto and lunges at Alpha.
    Alpha: Oh, SHI-
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: When his freeze ray powers down, Dr. Horrible has just enough time to note "That's not a good sound..." before his face gets introduced to the now-free Captain Hammer's fist. Again.
  • Survival of the Fittest has Cody Jenson do this at the end of V1. He finishes off Sidney Crosby, who attacked him to save Adam Dodd, and then turns around just in time to see a very angry Adam Dodd attacking him with a katana. A quick 'Oh crap!' moment, considering that he gets stabbed and impaled almost immediately.
    • Also happens to Harry Tsai in V3, when he sees Andrea Vanlandingham's detached collar, whom he killed earlier in the game, moments before Denise Dupuis wreaks her vengeance upon him.
  • During the That Guy with the Glasses One Year Anniversary Big Team Brawl, Ma-Ti manages to get his hands on The Angry Videogame Nerd's Super Scope. The Nostalgia Critic has just enough time to yell out "LOOK OUT, MA-TI'S PACKING!", to which everyone adopts an Oh Crap! look, before Ma-Ti opens fire, yelling "HEART!" at the top of his lungs.
    • In his Top 11 F*ck Ups special, The Nostalgia Critic decides to hunt down Douchy McNitpick. Douchy is confident that there's no way the NC will find him, until he hears a window in his house breaking.
    • In Suburban Knights, Team Awesome defeated Chuck Jaffers and his gang! But who's that across the street...? Oh Crap.
    • In Demo Reel, Donnie has an amusing "ah fuck it's happened again" expression and groan when Egoraptor is in the bed next to him instead of Uncle Yo.
    • Critic's reaction to Hyper looking for him is to usually hide behind a chair or duck behind the couch.
  • From AJCO: The ghost of Mercy, a bandit slaughtered by Curls some years prior, tries to hide the fact that he has an Oh Crap! moment when Kaja shows up — Kaja being a powerful angel with the power to exorcise him from the body of the helpless girl he'd possessed without hurting her (therefore making his threats to jump off the tower meaningless). He eventually accepts his fate.
  • In the 6th episode of DesuDesBrigade's Pocky Spot, Arkada gets precisely this after hearing the Professor Otaku has to a little tidbit of info dropped.
  • During the RP of The Marios, this is the trio's general reaction when the creator of the bad LP in question, LuwiigiMaster, disses Retsupurae during his LP. Diabetus later comments that he should pre-screen LPs before bringing the gang over to riff them. If one reads the comments, the guy apparently was trying to purposely make a So Bad, It's Good video just to get RPed.
  • The reaction of people in Mighty God King's version of Marvel's Civil War storyline when Thor shows up.
  • In The Demented Cartoon Movie, characters often say this if they have time to realize things are about to go disastrously wrong. And things go wrong (read: explode) a lot.
  • Super Mario Bros. Z loves this trope, and all the characters get a moment of this at one point or another. The best ones probably come from the Axem Rangers Z in Episode 6 when Mecha Sonic shows up and starts wrecking their shit.
    • Luigi, upon realizing that Mecha Sonic is about to Spirit Bomb Death Ball the fucking hell out of their island Frieza-style, releases a single, utterly hilarious scream of sheer terror. It is FANTASTIC.
  • Interactive Fanfic You Awaken in Razor Hill is loaded with these.
    • At the very end, when our long-suffering protagonist has finally reached the Big Bad, only to discover that it's what has been guiding him through every last acre of hell, this entire time.
    • Scrape.
  • Probably the biggest example of this has to be Jay of Marble Hornets revealing he did not post Entry ######.
    • Entry #26. "When did we get a camera?" Though it's not particularly apparent on-screen, you can tell Alex has just realized "okay, this is really, really bad".
  • The title character of My Name Is Zytherys only considers it a bit odd when a mysterious journal shows up on her doorstep. Slightly more odd when it begins to fill itself with her own handwriting. However, when her laptop begins to show visual tearing and starts scrolling on its own...
  • A dog gets pwned...
  • In some Protectors of the Plot Continuum missions, Explosive Instrumentation has been known to do this.
  • Tobuscus' Let's Plays are littered with this type of commentary, most often phrased as some variant of, "I'm screwed I'm screwed I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm dead I'm dead GOD DANGIT!"
  • In Pay Me, Bug!, this is Morgan's response when he realizes that they're being gravlocked by a Battlecarrier.
  • In the NES Godzilla Creepypasta, this is the player's reaction every time Red demonstrates that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
  • During Video Games Awesome!'s Let's Play of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Fraser shares Link's reaction to the discovery that Groose is dive-bombing right towards him - only with a good deal more swearing.
    Fraser: HOLY SHIT!
  • Nearly every Let's Play ofThe Witch's House on the internet causes the player to have moments like these, as traps are easy to fall into. The amount of time that the player has to realize how screwed they are varies from trap to trap. PewDiePie's playthrough is a good example, as is this one.
  • Mini Drivers, a Formula One cartoon, often exaggerates the various driving styles, quirks, etc. of the drivers in the series. So in this 2012 postseason video, two very crash-prone drivers (Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean) start on the front row of a race, which immediately makes Mini-Girl (the starter) nervous. Once the field takes the green, every driver behind them Oh Craps when they realize the two are about to start a crash that, if the "achievement" is to be believed, will rival the alleged Mayan apocalypse.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: During the last bit of the Silent Hill: Dying Inside review, the second Pyramid Head of all beings jerks back in fright upon seeing Linkara's new weapon.
  • In Worm, Tattletale gets one when she realizes that Scion is the one who will destroy the world.
  • In Peter Davison's 2011 video message for the Gallifrey One convention, Davison is partway through explaining that he's taken the next week off to visit the convention, when he realises that it's this week, and his flight leaves in an hour.
    Davison: No, no, the convention's not until... Oh my God.
  • Every microwave show at one point or another has one of these episodes
    • Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This? most famously has the airbag episode and to a lesser extent the second lava lamp episode. In the first one, Jory was literally SECONDS from being killed. The reaction afterwards is priceless. However, that wasn't their first "oh crap" moment, in season 6 when trying to put out a fire from a singing pen, the battery explodes and Jory is surprised he doesn't lose his hand. The exploding rubbing alcohol episode may also qualify due to their reaction of genuine fear. The dynamite, propane tank, gasoline, and other similar episodes are NOT this because they KNOW of the danger potential.
      • In a sense their microwaving a microwave episode qualifies since that was the first time they broke a microwave that wasn't at the end of a season, and so they were unprepared for it. The latter half of the season isn't even filmed until it's almost time to air the microwave a microwave episode.
    • dOvetastic Microwave Theater rarely has these since dOvetastic takes TONS of precautions, the closest example to this trope being the propane tank, which he actually gets to explode on its own (Jon and Jory used gasoline and fireworks to get it to blow up) and possibly the dry ice bomb specials. The videos that DO qualify for this, however, are not his microwave videos but things like where he saws into a propane tank or any high voltage cooking episode with anything explosive involved. The deck varnish and CO 2 cartridge special applies too since the cartridges launch over 100 feet.
    • What Happens When You Microwave This? has a few notable episodes, but the only true Oh Crap! moment happened with a lava lamp since they weren't expecting it to blow up like that. The bag of popcorn for 35 minutes is a bit of an ironic result since they thought it broke their microwave after burning for so long. The cameraman thought it was hilarious that after doing so many dangerous things, it may have been popcorn that broke the microwave.
    • Microwave Me has had very few incidents like this since the creator always seems prepared for the result, even treating a butane lighter with a bit of healthy respect, but the one that sticks out is the champagne bottle. Apparently he thought Brainiac faked their explosion (due to some highly unlikely experiments like the Newton's Cradle episode and admitted fakery of their alkali metals in a bathtub experiment) and that the bottle would only take the door off the microwave. What actually happenned was an explosion very similar to the Brainiac episode with the door being launched quite a distance (in three pieces to boot), the microwave being ripped almost in half, the turndial ripped nearly off of the microwave, and the explosion was supposedly as loud as a large firework mortar going off, like one would see at a professional display.
    • Smaller microwave shows rarely get this, but you do see this occasionally when they only have one microwave on hand and their experiment unexpectedly wipes it out. Most notably Jzizzle 77 who microwaved high profile things like CO 2 cartridges, aerosol cans, road flares, model rocket engines, and even a mini-printer. His experiment microwave broke after the mini-printer.
  • It doesn't matter if it's Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto or another game, the gang of Achievement Hunter will gladly panic when something goes terribly wrong.
    • A hilarious one happened in the Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episode "Path To Insanity" where Ryan's killstreak is ended by Ray riding in a tank. Ryan is minding his own business, killing people as he attempts to raise his insanity meter when Ray casually strolls up in a tank on the street.. Ryan's reaction:
    Ryan: OH, SHIT! Ray's in a tank!
    • Another happens in the CarDunkEn episode when Geoff accidentally fires a rocket at Jack's Cargobob, saying "Oops!" a split second before the rocket hits Jack.
  • In RWBY, Ruby has this reaction when Ozpin reveals just how random Beacon's partnering system is. Bear in mind that she's at a military school.
    "The next person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the next four years."
  • In Thalia's Musings, this is Thalia and Apollo's reaction when Eros (falsely) tells them that he's dosed them with a love potion.
  • The Cockroach Metamorphosis has Thoth wrestling with a Nyarlathotep in bear form (in free-fall!) only for the both of them to come to the realization that they are currently fighting inside an even bigger god, and as they try to sneak out without waking it up, they turn around to see an ominous pair of eyes staring right at them. Even The Crawling Chaos himself flips his shit in panic.
  • Earthquake & the G20 by Matt Santoro ends with an earthquake, causing Matt to panic.
  • In X-Ray and Vav, the Mad King utters out a defeated "Oh, poopie" when ORF decides to get back at him for turning her bad. By using the modifications he gave her.
  • AlphaOmegaSin's reaction to the idea that his Nintendo Wii might be demon-possessed during his video report about a Wii setting itself on fire in an RV, complete with King Bowser's face laughing as it irises out from an image of his Wii in a display case.
  • Markiplier's Let's Play of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 has one in Part 5 when he witnesses The Bite of '87. He starts to reach that bit when He reads the part where the main character's brother and his gang brings him to the Fredbear animatronic and visibly flinches when it happens, rendering him with Stunned Silence for a good ten seconds.
  • Team Fourstar's Dragon Ball Abridged:
    Piccolo: Makansap... Makakasapapa... Mekasapo... Oh, to hell with it. Special Beam Cannon!
    Goku: Is that what you're going to yell out when you OH GOD!!!
    • Vegeta actually gets three in episode 10, one in each part. First when evenly matched in a Beam-O-War with Goku only for him to pull a Kaio-ken times four, then when the Spirit Bomb misses but is deflected back towards him by Gohan, and finally when he cuts off Oozaru Gohan's tail only to realize he just knocked a giant monkey out of the air when it was right above him and he was too tired to get away.
      Vegeta: I'm the best around! No one's ever gonna keep me down... oh NOOOOOO!!!
    • Vegeta does it again half a dozen episodes later when Zarbon charges him after transforming.
      Zarbon: IMMA RAPE YA, BITCH!
      Vegeta: Seriously, you're not any different, you're just a lot less subtle about OH MY GOD!! (whunch)
    • And in Episode 28 when Frieza No Sells Goku's Kaioken empowered Kamehameha.
      Frieza: No seriously, kaio-what?
      Goku: Kai-Oh-Crap.
      Frieza: I thought so. [blasts Goku]
    • Several characters, including Gohan, Krillin, and Trunks, have this amusing exchange:
      Character 1: Oh, crap baskets.
      Character 2: Oh, you say that, too.
    • Vegeta's quiet "Oh no" when Android Thirteen grabs him after No Selling his attack.
    • The slow dawning realization Android 17 gets when he realizes Piccolo was setting up the Hellzone Grenade attack.
      Android 17: Um, I stopped dodging! Seriously, are even trying to hit me?
      Piccolo: NO!
      Android 17: What do you mean 'no'? (starts noticing the hovering balls of ki) Ohhh! (And more...) Ohhhh... (And even more) Ohhhh, shit...
    • Perfect Cell meeting Vegeta's Final Flash.
    Perfect Cell: Oh, how cute! He named it — OH, SHIT!
    • And earlier, right after dismissing Tien as "just human":
    Tien: Oh yeah? Well you know what? Fuck Power Levels, FUCK Super Saiyans, AND FUCK! YOU! SHIN! KIKOHO!
    Semi-Perfect Cell: Aw, that's adoraSHIIIIIIIIIIT!
  • The internet meme "It was at this moment that he knew... he fucked up."
  • In "Wishing Hell", an early episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour's "Beyond Belief" segment, Frank and Sadie Doyle face off against Nightmares the Clown for the first time. In trying to frighten Sadie, who otherwise is unable to take him seriously because she finds clowns hilarious, he assumes his true form of a giant spider. Sadie then notes she's not afraid of giant spiders, but begs him not to turn into a normal, tiny spider, which she does fear. Nightmares does so, but does not realize until Frank's shoe starts to come down on him that Sadie was Briar Patching him.
    Sadie: A spider! Spider, Frank!
    Frank: Yes, I see it, love. Let me get rid of it for you.
    Nightmares: No! Wait! *squish*
  • Happens numerous times in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
    Kaiba: With this card, I'll be able to combine three of my Blue Eyes White Dragons in order to summon a monster without peer! A monster so powerful, that-
    Yami: For the love of Ra, just play the damn card already.
    Kaiba: Fine. [Summons the monster] Come forth, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
    Yami: Oh...poopy!