Oh Crap / Advertising

  • GEICO:
    • A commercial has the gecko and an executive talking about the trust that Geico represents. The executive proposes one of those corporate trust-building exercises, in which he will fall backwards and the gecko will catch him. The gecko, being about 8 inches high, attempts to talk him down to no avail. The last shot is the gecko, as the executive begins to lean back, looking up: "oh dear ..."
    • Another commercial where the Gecko is eating a bag of chips. The CEO commented he wanted to show him the first dollar he ever made. Cue the look on the gecko's face when he realized the dollar he used to buy the chips was said dollar.
  • A Dutch insurance company has a long line of TV ads with the slogan "Even Apeldoorn bellen" (translated to "Just call us") after someone has realized he has a problem (or in some cases, when only the viewer has realized it). Some of these ads require knowledge of Dutch language or culture, but some don't. While it's doubtfull any insurance could help those people out of it, they do tend to make a wonderfull Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The commercials for Raid pest killers have been doing this for years, with whatever Talking Pest in the commercial shouting "RAAAAAAAAAAID!" before dying.
  • The GameStop bunny has one of these.
  • The chocolate chip cookie commercial where a human-sized cookie is at a little girl's birthday, having fun with the kids, but then asks:
    Cookie: Where's the cake?
    Birthday girl: Oh, we're not eating cake...
    Cookie: ... Oh.
  • An Energizer commercial featuring Dracula resulted in the Count invoke this trope in a rather Deadpan Snarker fashion after locking himself out of his castle...at daybreak.
    Dracula: Oh, great. *POOF*
  • In the campaign "Never Say No To Panda" (Panda being a make of Arab cheese) almost everybody realises they've made a mistake once they say no to Panda Cheese and a giant Panda is standing over them.
    • Special mention goes to the dad in the grocery store the second time around.
  • Two recent "M&M's" commercials come to mind:
    • In this one "Red" (aka "Milk Chocolate") is set up with "Kristin" by "Ms. Brown" and Kristin locks the doors once she's alone with Red.
    • This "exclusive cut" of the "M&M's" commercial has Naya Rivera of Glee being wooed by "Red" only to lick the back of his head and make him realize she wants to eat him (and her girlfriends go the same way).
  • In France, many commercials for a brand of candies called Kiss Cool had these moments. In one of them, a man in a bunny suit who has to entertain children gets stage fright before he can perform. After eating the candy, he gains confidence and goes to see the kids chanting for him, only to realize said children were replaced by hunters. Cue Oh, Crap! face from the guy, who slowly walks away.
  • John Jameson, when he comes face-to-face with a giant octopus while saving a lost barrel of his whiskey, and after chopping open a dam to flood Dublin.
  • A very dark instance of this occurs in the 2002 commercial for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. It starts off with "The Caretaker" deciding which tool he will use to dissect his victim alive with, via "eenie meenie minie moe". When he gets to the final "moe", the victim silently does this reaction.
  • In a 2014 Walgreens Christmas commercial, a mother and father are eating the cookies they left out for Santa, when they glance out the window and see the big man on the roof of a neighbor's house. They get this trope and then race out to replace the cookies they ate, making it just in time.
  • Glock. Somebody ''really'' picked the wrong diner...
  • If you're not playing Sega Saturn, then the moment Segata Sanshiro blocks your path is your cue to utilize this trope. Because afterwards, you're not going to leave without bruises of him beating the crap out of your for not playing the console. (Don't worry, he'll leave a Sega Saturn next to your body so you stop being in his hit list)