Off Model / Advertising

  • Every single one of the Pakistan Happy Meal ads. All of the Sonic characters are missing defining traits (for example, Rouge the Bat is a mouse) and ending up looking butt-ugly, Neo Cortex missing the N on his forehead, Hello Kitty looking fat and having a mouth (though this isn't the first time it happened), the McDonald's mascots keep changing their looks throughout each commercial, and so on.
  • The USA commercial for Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc has an off-model CGI model of Rayman, with a very oddly-shaped torso and inaccurate eyes. (View the commercial in HD here.) Just compare how he looks in the game to how he looks on the commercial.
  • This commercial for a Korean SNES ad. Not only does it manage to make this the video game commercial equivalent of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, the animation studio (Dai Won) manages to screw up Ryu, Chun-Li, Bowser, Krillin, Goku, Raphael... Pretty much everyone except Mario and Buster.
  • As if the show, comics and toys were not enough, the commercials of Transformers G1 also end up falling into this on occation. Two in particular stand out; the very first one, using entirely different models for The Ark, Megatron and the Seekers; and this one, which truly showcases how much of an Expy Jetfire was. This Chile commercial also contains a gratuitous amount oddities (red and white Cylonus stands out), though this is because neither Toei or AKOM (or any of their sub-contractors) provided the animation.
  • An M&Ms commercial from Madagascar (the country, not the movie) has horrible-looking models of the M&Ms mascots; they're completely hollow on the inside with no tongues and they appear lumpy whenever they move their limbs.
    • An Italian ad gave Yellow a set of teeth.
  • Around the same time as this was airing, there were Canadian-made commercials for Energizer that used this animatronic model for their mascot instead. With the latter being more stumpy and rounded as opposed the taller one from the American commercials. The bunny's head in the American ads also tended to look more refined and bony in comparison.
    • Some of the later ads seemed to have taken an inspiration from the above mentioned Canadian ones, as the bunny animatronic seems to switch heads (between an angular and softer design) depending on the commercial. The nose also becomes comically huge in the latter design.
  • The Reading is Fundamental "Book People Unite" ad has a off-model Greg Heffley. You can tell the animators at Mother New York had not seen the original books before doing the animation.