Not So Different / Visual Novels

  • Damon Gant accuses Miles Edgeworth of this in Ace Attorney. He says that they both have the same hatred of crime, and that eventually, Edgeworth will cross the line just to seal away someone he knows is guilty. Edgeworth, thoroughly rattled, leaves the prosecutors' office and doesn't come back until he's certain he can prosecute a case and seek the truth, not just a Guilty verdict or another "win" for his record.
    • Justice For All hints at this between Phoenix and Franziska von Karma. Acro, in the third case, remarks that the two are remarkably similar, that they both see the world through the same rose-colored glasses. Phoenix vilifies her for manipulating evidence in her favor, telling witnesses not to discuss things that don't make sense with her theories. However, Phoenix willingly defends a client he knows to be guilty, even accusing an innocent woman and using the evidence against her, albeit under threat of his friend Maya being killed.
    • In Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Franziska comes to sympathize with Yumihiko after seeing how terribly his father treats him, and in the ending, expresses concern for him, as he will have to live up to his father just like she will have to live up to hers.
  • This pops up a lot in Fate/stay night and the prequel Fate/Zero as well. To name just a few examples;
    • Fate/Zero's Kiritsugu and Saber get along very badly despite being Master and Servant, and there is repeated emphasis on how much they're at odds because of their differences, but they are fundamentally very similar deep down; Kiritsugu is very much Saber's Shadow Archetype. Kotomine and Kirisugu subvert and then invert this; Kotomine initally thought Kiritsugu, who was an enemy master that has nothing in common with him at first glance, was the same type of person as him, but it turned out that he was his Foil in all respects.
    • Fate/stay night, taking place ten years later, has the main character Shirou and Big Bad Kotomine again, playing it perfectly straight this time, and with the character in question being Shirou's Shadow Archetype / Evil Counterpart to boot. And, as if to complete the cycle, Saber and Shirou are this too. Although they get along for most of the series, there's conflict between them early on in the series which is caused by this.
  • A few cases come up in Katawa Shoujo:
    • Hisao notes that, like Hanako, he has allowed his disability to define him, preventing him from opening up to others or thinking about his future.
    • Shizune and Lilly, may be at odds over how to run the Student Council, but at heart, Lilly is almost as competitive as Shizune. This is particularly evident in the fishing scene in Shizune's route, and when after they reconcile in Lilly's route, Shizune lightheartedly challenges Lilly to do better at her new school, a challenge Lilly accepts.
    Hisao: Competitive until the last. Maybe Lilly and Shizune aren't so different, after all.