Not Me This Time: Web Original

  • There Will Be Brawl:
    • Who's the butcher and/or Peach's kidnapper? Bowser? Ganondorf? Mario assumes Bowser, but Luigi is the main character and has no idea, so we have no idea.
    • Played with in that it was Ganondorf, using the butchers, as well as Olimar and others. Ganondorf was then hijacked by the biggest evil in the series, Kirby.
  • The That Guy with the Glasses team review of The Last Airbender has a group of reviewers forced to watch the movie; the group initially thinks The Nostalgia Critic is behind it, since last year he did exactly that with Dragonball Evolution. When they contact him, he's horrified at the idea of anyone sitting through it.
  • The Hitler Rants videos on YouTube normally sees either Fegelein or Himmler (or often both) pulling antics on Hitler. Once the spin-off series based around Joseph Stalin and the cast of Das Boot got their own antic masters, Fegelein frequently had to explain to Hitler's staff that he wasn't involved in whatever embarassment had just befallen Hitler, often with little success.
  • In the version of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by Team Four Star, Alucard is a Jerkass Sociopathic Hero Blood Knight who is basically the logical result of what would happen if you gave the biggest Troll on the Internet unstoppable superpowers. So when he's involved in an incident with the police in Brazil, Integra's first assumption is that he caused it and she calls bullshit when Alucard protests that he was just minding his own business until the police attacked his room. Alucard is just being honest, though—he hadn't done anything (yet) and the police were being used as pawns by a minion of one of the Quirky Miniboss Squad
  • In 'The Camping Webisode' of DSBT InsaniT, Koden tells Alex and Seth not to beat up Andy for Frets, Martha asks 'why', and Koden, knowing Alex is the one to say stuff like that, does a Double Take when he realizes it didn't come from him for once.
  • In one Global Guardians story set during the 9/11 attacks, Achilles immediately contacts his father, the Evil Overlord known as Lord Doom. The first word's out of Doom's mouth are "Don't even think of accusing me or anyone who works for me of committing such a vile and cowardly act," before Achilles can say anything to the man.
  • Noob had this happen twice:
    • Gaea, a known Manipulative Bastard, has a video that is very copromising for her faction's top player end up on her blog. It took a solid alibi to convince her own Guild Master that she had gotten framed.
    • The actual poster of the video later got this, mostly due to happening to be in the same faction as the female player that had just broken one of the male protagonist's heart. On a side note, part of the audience was suspecting said female player to be working for him all along up to that point.
  • In Atop the Fourth Wall, both Linkara and the audience assume it was Mechakara who broke the Continuity Alarm. However, when he's finally confronted, he admits he didn't do it. As it turns out, it was Linksano who broke it.
  • SF Debris: "Next week, we return to Star Trek: Voyager, where someone is experimenting on the crew...and it's not Captain Janeway this time."
  • The SCP Foundation's SCP-682 is an Omnicidal Maniac. There is one point in the test log (mostly a list of spectacularly failed attempts to kill it) where somebody shoved Dr. Clef into its enclosure and locked the door. The document goes to great lengths to point out that the subsequent death by neck-snap of the person who pushed him in there was definitely due to 682 somehow managing to break containment without visibly disappearing from its enclosure, and not in any way caused by Dr. Clef.
  • Despite being the Token Evil Teammate for Hat Films, there are occasions when Smiffy's Pyro Maniac tendencies get him blamed for fires he didn't actually start. One example is in Minecraft 1.8.2 XBLA #5, when Ross accidentally places lava inside their (partially wooden) house, setting it on fire. Trott immediately shifts the blame to Smith, due to his habit of burning down their houses. He was similarly accused of stealing items, causing them to actually kill him... only to be stunned to not find them in his dropped inventory. Turns out they just missed them among all the junk in the chest.