Noodle Incident / Advertising

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  • An AT&T commercial has a mother and her two kids at a mall to find a gift. The mother tells her daughter that "we don't want the petting zoo all over again", to which the daughter replies "I can't make any promises".
  • GEICO commercials:
    • Cleverly used in the "Does a ten-pound bag of flour make a really big biscuit?" ad. Note that the boy's mother looks like she's about to say something, then just sighs and walks away. Apparently, this isn't the first time he's done something like that.
    • "The Geckos's Las Vegas morning" shows the aftermath of an obviously eventful night involving a shrimp cocktail platter, a kangaroo wearing a feather boa, and Richard Simmons. Also, if you watch closely you can see that the gecko is wearing what appears to be an engagement ring.
  • Allstate's Mayhem posted on Facebook that the best car accidents involve bubble bath.
  • The commercials for Bing & Decide play with this. While some don't qualify, others certainly do.
  • A series of Above The Influence Public Service Announcements show a much darker variation of this trope. They take the form of teenagers talking on their cell phones the morning after a party where they got so drunk and/or high they can't remember anything. One features a girl receiving a photo of herself doing something (presumably) embarrassing and raunchy, and then finding out the photo's been sent to the entire school. Another features a boy talking to a friend, and finding out that something bad has happened to a female friend (possibly the sister of the person he's talking to?) that he abandoned at the party. The viewer is never told or shown details; it's left to the imagination just what happened the night before.
  • The State Farm commercials where a guy crashed his car in pretty much impossible ways, such as backing up into a pole or through the side of a concrete building. We are never told how he did it, but according to the Agent he does this quite often.
    • Averted in the most recent line of commercials, where the Agent says that they can cover anything because they've seen everything, even (insert catchy title of incident here), and then it shows a clip of the incident in question.
  • New Taco Bell commercial features a guy coming home after a night out, unloading a bunch of random stuff from his pockets (concert ticket stub, broken sunglasses, dice with Chinese characters on it, etc.), leaving one to speculate just where's been all night, and how it all got started with a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce...
  • A Time Warner Cable commercial features a family meeting in which the son mentions an unexplained "muffin incident." "That was an accident," the father replies.
  • In a controversial spot, a Quizno's commercial features Scott, a Quizno's employee, talking with an oven. The oven asks if Scott can do something for him. Scott says, "Not doing that again. That burned." The oven replies with "We both enjoyed that."
  • Justified in the "Visit Las Vegas" ads (hence the slogan, "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".) Memorable commercials include a bride being laughed at by her bridesmaids while they all ride in a limo right before she herself joins in, a plane filled with people leaving the city each with their own respective noodle incident (a different bride wearing a veil with a nervous look on her face, a man meticulously pulling out the video from a VHS tape, etc.), a woman showing pictures (unseen to the audience) to her girlfriends of the unknown incidents they were involved in on her camera phone as they nervously look at them just before she jumps in the pool with the phone itself and another woman showing her husband pictures of her trip to the sin city...via hand drawn stick figures.