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Non Indicative Name: Web Original
  • deviantART isn't really deviating from anything these days since it became an art community. And of those who question True Art, it doesn't have that all that either.
    • It does still have the computer theme deviations for which it was named (I assume). And art is in the eye of the beholder, so unless you are snarky and against photography, poetry, animesque illustrations, or the Furry Fandom, the name still holds. It's still an Artifact Title, though.
  • Facebook isn't really a book full of faces.
  • Chinese Troper Teslashark wrote a webfic that's called Time to Shoot Down the Moon. The rock-satellite of Earth suffers nothing in the story. In fact the author did it on purpose, to mock sci-fi series and war fictions with outrageous names.
  • TV Tropes, as stated in Hypocritical Humor. Also, several tropes have had to be renamed because of this.
  • Marble Hornets is certainly not about hornets made of marble.
    • In-universe, "Marble Hornets" is the name of the student film project that Alex Kralie came up with that got interrupted after Alex's run-in with you-know-what. Whether or not the title actually had some significance to the plot of the project is never explained.
  • The "Cheat Commandos O's" cereal pieces from Homestar Runner are actually not "O"-shaped, but rather nugget-shaped. This was even lampshaded on the box art where Fightgar was actually telling the other Commandos that the cereal pieces "aren't 'O''s!"
    • In the Strong Bad Email "crazy cartoon," Strong Bad creates a crazy cartoon entitled Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, because, to quote him, "crazy cartoons usually have titles that have nothing to do with the cartoon itself."
    • In Teen Girl Squad, during a football game, Sci-Fi Greg questions why Cheerleader is in the stands instead of, you know, leading cheers. She explains that she's more a cheerleader in how she dresses and treats other girls.
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) also contains information about TV shows, individual episodes and video games.
  • No Right Answer uses this for some episodes (Best Anime Ever should really be called Pokemon vs Digimon). Used deliberately for publicity.
  • "Fear Wallpaper", by ardcor. A bright, cheery wallpaper depicting a happy fish.
  • Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz has virtually no video game jokes in it (let alone wacky video game jokes), and it is most certainly not for kids.
  • The Mario Party TV group don't just play Mario Party- they have a few other Let's Plays like New Super Mario Bros. U and Mario Kart.
  • Obscurus Lupa is not a wolf and is also not obscured in any way (unlike someone)
  • The Sharkasm Crew is not known to feature any shark motif. Although they are a crew, and very sarcastic.
  • Becoming YouTube is a "weekly" "documentary" series that's neither weekly nor a documentary.
  • Ultra Fast Pony is set in a world where almost everyone has some variety of Meaningful Name. So the few who don't, tend to throw others for a loop.
    • In "Saying Words", Rarity meets a rich pony who wears a fancy jacket and no pants, and she reasonably assumes his name is Fancyjacket. No, his name is Fancypants.
    • "So Random!" opens with Pinkie Pie wondering why a pony named Rose (who has a rose cutie mark) is growing and selling lilies. Rose blames it on her bad memory.
  • The Super Pony Power Hour is 22 minutes.
  • Little One, one of the four heroes of Tales From My D&D Campaign, is about six and a half feet tall and built to match. Justified by the fact that he was named by his mother, who's a dragon.
  • Pimp Lando from, well, Pimp Lando, isn't actually a pimp. Also The Evil Guitarist, who isn't all that evil and isn't a guitarist.
  • In SCP Foundation objects that are designated "Safe" are often still potentially very dangerous; the designation refers more to the level of precaution that needs to be taken to stop the object from using that potential. For example in the video game SCP Containment Breach, a skull that instantly kills anyone who touches it is designated as Safe. Reason being, it doesn't fly around trying to touch people, and it doesn't have any kind of mental effect that encourages people to touch it. You can stick it in a room and pretty much forget about it, and nothing bad happens.
  • The Disney Wiki page Sugar Rush (Kingdom). Since It is nowadays ruled by a princess, it's a principality, not a kingdom as such. It was only a kingdom as a result of a hack, installing King Candy in place of the rightful ruler.
    • It's either a constitutional democracy now, or will be soon. Said princess's second official decree (okay, her first serious one) was that she would turn it into one.
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