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No Pronunciation Guide: The Legend of Zelda
  • No one seems to know how to pronounce anything, due to the lack of voice acting.
    • One of the reason many peoples were quite angry about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess still not featuring any voice-acting aside from Midna's Simlish. How the hell are we supposed to pronounce names like "Ilia" or "Impaz"? The games before this one also had this problem: Aryll has at least three different pronunications. No matter how hated Navi is, people can't agree if it's NAVV-ee or NAH-vee or NAVV-eye or even Navy.
    • Fan Dumb even exists regarding the pronunciation of Cucco: Is it "COO-coo" or "COO-koh" or "Cuck-oh"?
    • Just how DO you pronounce Sahasrahla?
    • Possibly the hardest name to pronounce: Ooccoo the Oocca. (Ooh-koo? Oh-ko-ah?)
    • Dekus get this a lot. "Deck-oo" or "Dee-ku"? Or like Count Dooku from Star Wars? According to Nintendo Land, it's the first one.
    • There's also the "Stal" prefix. Skeletal creatures use Stal in their name (Stalfos, Stalchild, Stallord). so is it "Stall" or is it pronounced more like the Stal in Stallion?
    • The Tula suffix, for the arachnids of hyrule. So is it "Too-la" like the name, or "tulla" as might come naturally when hearing names like "Skulltula" or "Skullwalltula"? The correct pronunciation is actually CHələ or "Chulla", like in Tarantula, where the name is derived from.
    • Speaking of Hyrule, is it "High Rule" or "Hir ool"? This also carries over to "Hylia". The correct pronunciation is "High rule", and it's made evident by the inclusion of Lorule in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
    • And how about those Kokiris? "Ko Kee Rees", or "Coker ees"?
    • Ah, Volvagia, once mistranslated as Barba. Vol Vague Eee Uh? Vol Vahg Eee Uh? Vol Vag Eee Uh? None of the above, it's VOL-Vuh-GEE-Uh.
    • Molgera. "Mol-Grr-Uh?" "Mol-Gare-Uh?" "Mol-Jer-Uh?" "Mol-Jare-Uh?"
    • The last syllable of Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Is it "him" like Aganhim? Or "heem"? One developer pronounced it as "heem".
    • Is Fi from the same game "Fee" or "Phi", like the Greek letter?
    • Good lord! How pronouncing your name frustrates me, Saria! Is it pronounced like Maria? Is is Sair-ee-ah? Or the most universally-accepted prounciation Sah-Ree-Uh? Will we ever know?
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