No Indoor Voice / Advertising

  • Billy Mays
    • Billy Mays fully realized what a Large Ham he was in his commercials, and was more than willing to make fun of himself for it. This made his on-screen persona's "ALL YELLING ALL THE TIME" policy strangely hilarious.
    • In an interview he did with the Washington Post he describes how he was stuck at home recovering from a hip operation and forced to see repeated commercials starring himself. He was getting sick of his own voice!
    • Lampshaded in the advertisement for Pitchmen, a show starring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan about pitching product, which of course featured Billy Mays in his on-screen persona.
    Anthony Sullivan: There's more to selling than just the yelling! (points to Billy Mays, who looks insulted)
    • Awesomely parodied by himself here, as he shows you how pros order food at McDonald's.
    • Also parodied in Horrible Histories.
  • Roni Lynn Deutch.
  • Barry Scott, known in Australia as BAM! AND THE DIRT IS GONE! Apparently the only difference between American and Australian audiences is the number of letters we tolerate in our product names. He also advertises on British television, to the extent that jokes are made about that advert on Mock the Week.
    • He's in New Zealand too.
    • The ads have become more parody in nature in recent years, including one hilarious attempt to pass black guy off as his twin brother.
  • Car dealership ads are infamous for this:
    • Gesswein Motors in Milbank, South Dakota! That guy used to be at LEAST as bad as Billy Mays in his commercials on the local CBS station.
    • There's also Tarbox Toyota of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, whose radio and TV advertisements star the dealership's owner, Ed Tarbox, known throughout Southern New England as someone who's voice will wake you up from a deep sleep at 2:30 in the morning.
    • Billy "Huge" Fuccillo, bane of upstate New York, south-eastern Ontarians, and recently Southwest Florida.
    • The guy, tormentor of many a Wisconsin citizen's eardrums.
  • Another infomercial maven who lacks a "quiet" mode: Tony Little, hawker of plenty of exercise machines. Lampshaded when one of the girl hosts in his infomercials says "Can you calm down?" "NO!"
  • Matthew Lesko, a strange man who wears question mark suits and appears in TV commercials advertising his book on government programs from which people can get money. He needs decaf, and he needs it badly.
    • Reason TV came up with a good use for him and his style once, though.
  • A TV advertisement for Staples (an office supply store) involves a man shouting "WOW! THAT'S A LOW PRICE!" at every item on the shelf.
    Clerk 1: How many products do we carry?
    Clerk 2: Over seven thousand....
    Clerk 1: ... I'll get him a cart.
    Man 2: I'm sorry, did you say something about a low price...?
    (first man points at shelf, second man examines the tag)
    Man 1: I KNOW!
  • That guy from the newest Old Spice commercials. You know which guy:
    "Block! Building Kick! EXPLOSION!!"
    • That's Terry Crews, former NFL player, actor in movies like Idiocracy and The Expendables, and a generally kick-ass dude all around. Buh-buh-buh-buh-BUH-buh-POWER!!
  • A commercial for a sports league had on a funeral, while the priest was talking, a man yelling ("I HAD JUST SEEN HIM LAST WEEK! HE WAS OKAY!"; "THE FLOWERS ARE REALLY NICE!").
  • Ever since Virginia personal injury lawyer Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley began appearing in his own advertisements around 2008note ; Stanley's commercials have displayed this trope, usually closing with some variant of this tagline.
    Lowell Stanley (more recent variants): "Call 459-CASH! 459-CASH! 459-CASH! You call, I HAMMERRRR!!!"
  • Many furniture commercials since at least the 80s have featured a man yelling unreasonably loudly.