No Export For You: Comic Books

  • Paperinik New Adventures: This series was a huge hit in Italy, creating a new Darker and Edgier universe for the superhero Paperinik (Donald Duck alter-ego), a whole new pack of memorable friends, allies and enemies and discussing mature themes such as the difference between what is logical and what is right, how humankind would/should treat other forms of sentient intelligence (especially artificial ones) and the consequences of our actions. So far, the comic book series has only been exported to some European countries.
    • Speaking of Disney, the upcoming Graphic Novel for Epic Mickey 2 won't be released in America.
  • Pretty much any European comic, aside from Astérix and Tintin.
  • IDW's Doctor Who comic book can't be sold in the UK because of licencing reasons (since other companies already have the licence for UK Doctor Who comics).
  • Novas Aventuras De Megaman will probably never see a release outside of Brazil. Not surprising, considering that some parts have a harder Darker and Edgier vibe than most versions, the rampant nakedness that appears near the end, and the Bloodier and Gorier bits make the Japanese versions of the Mega Man Zero games look somewhat tame in comparison. Not to mention that some countries have their own series.
  • Marvel and DC Comics have a hard time with publishing their comic books in the Belgian region Flanders and the Netherlands. Probably because De Standaard, who has almost complete dominance over all books in these regions, refuses to sell their comic books.