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Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: F Ilm
  • RoboCop: He might be a robot and a cop. Just guessing.
    • In RoboCop 3, ninja robots are employed to stop Robocop.
  • One Eyed Monster: Killer Alien Penis that actually originally belonged to Ron Jeremy.
  • Hard Rock Zombies has a zombie heavy metal band fighting a sex cult led by Adolf Hitler.
  • Snakes on a Plane combines, obviously, snakes with planes, throws Samuel L. Jackson into the mix, and gives us the premise right there in the title as the cherry on top. And copious swearing!
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery has Dr. Evil expressing a desire for "sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams on their heads." In the 3rd film, he actually gets them.
  • Grindhouse takes this to previously unseen levels. It's a double feature of faux-ExploitationFilms, with some trailers for imaginary movies sandwiched in between.
  • Versus features zombie yakuza samurai. Rule of Cool is putting it mildly.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Zombie pirates (one of whom throws smoke bombs and looks a lot like Edward Teach) in the 1st movie.
    • The 2nd and 3rd movies have Fish-People pirates led by Davy Jones (who, for some reason, pilots a ship called The Flying Dutchman and speaks in a Scottish accent), or as some fans call him, "Captain Cthulhu".
    • The zombie pirate monkey.
    • A sky-scraper sized, ship-smashing squid which sadly didn't make it into the 3rd film. Guess not even POTC3 has that great a capacity.
    • The 3rd movie is summed up as thus: A Zombie Pirate captain lord teams up with his rival Badass Normal Pirate's crew to defy proven fact that the earth is round and sail over the edge to bring said Badass Normal Pirate back from the dead (Making him a Badass Normal Zombie Pirate Captain) so that he may lead the charge against an unholy alliance between Zombie mutant pirate demons led by the Zombie mutant sea devil pirate captain and a Tea Company. And the zombie pirate monkey is in it. And a hoodoo mystic Witch Doctor Sea Goddess.
    • Plus, it's based on a theme park ride, so you can throw "robots" in there, too.
    • Wanna bet at least one of the extras in the 3rd movie's Singapore scenes was an undercover ninja?
  • Godzilla often enters this trope, especially when Mecha Godzilla or Space Godzilla are present. For example, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla is a movie where Killer Space Monkeys try to take over the Earth using a big robot dinosaur. They are defeated by the combined forces of a big non-robot dinosaur and a giant Japanese lion-god. In the sequel, Terror Of Mechagodzilla, they combine forces with a Mad Scientist who controls another dinosaur using his Beautiful Daughter, who is also a robot.
  • Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell.
    • Biker movies create all kinds of possibilities. Another is Psychomania!, with undead bikers. Also, Werewolves On Wheels.
  • By the end of Van Helsing, the title character is an Angel Werewolf Vampire-Hunter in a Badass Longcoat wielding an Automatic Crossbow whose sidekick is a Sexually Active Swearing Friar Who Designs 18th Century Anti-Vampire Hand Grenades. And it flopped at the box office!
  • The forgettable movie Ring of Darkness involves a zombie boy band.
  • Six String Samurai is about a katana-wielding Warrior Poet version of Buddy Holly trying to inherit the crown of King Elvis I of Lost Vegas, After the End. Along the way he must fight cavemen, bowlers, the Red Scare, and a character who is either The Grim Reaper or Slash from Guns N' Roses. Or possibly the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • An adult film titled Cheerleader Nurses.
    • and now there's also Zombie Strippers.
    • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Frankenhooker
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
    Martian: The people of Earth do not realize that Santa Claus has been kidnapped by Martians.
    Tom Servo: You do realize what you just said.
  • The House of the Dead movie gets a swing and a miss by casting its villains as zombie pirate alchemists. And, no, these are the semi-historical sort, not the cool kind from Fullmetal Alchemist or the Atelier series. Not even as cool as The Alchemist from The Venture Bros..
  • had this to say about The Land That Time Forgot:
    In honor of Earth Day, I present you with a film that contains Germans and dinosaurs. If that does not make you want to recycle, I do not know what will.
  • The back of the Soldier DVD case has a review from Jay Carr that reads, "Rambo, Death Wish, and Dirty Harry in outer space."
  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan is about an Israeli kung-fu ninja commando women's hairdresser. I swear....
  • Bubba Ho-Tep: an elderly Elvis Presley (played by Bruce Campbell) teams up with a black John F. Kennedy to fight a cowboy mummy.
  • The Hellboy film's version of Kroenen is a Gas mask-fetishist Ninja Nazi Occultist Zombie Clockwork Cyborg Gimp Puppet. Also, he's fighting a heroic demon who is Catholic, a mutant fish man, and a pyrokineticist, all under the tutelage of John Hurt.
  • Death Race: race car Prison convicts in a Blood Sport fight to the death, using heavily armored Mustangs mounted with miniguns and napalm. Oh, and there's hot minority women's prisoners brought in. And The Transporter stars.
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space. A terrible movie, sure, but the point is, aliens and zombies. All to tell us that the Cold War is bad.
  • Fantasy Mission Force: Nazis, Amazons, vampires (and associated other ghouls), Road Warriors and a musical number. Oh, and Jackie Chan. No, we are seriously not making this up.
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension ... Buckaroo is a genius theoretical physicist, stunt driver, neurosurgeon, samurai, strategic defense consultant, and gunslinger. Also the front man for the hardest-rocking bar band in Jersey. He's also a comic book hero.
  • The Tim Burton film Pee Wees Big Adventure has Pee-Wee Herman meet a magician, a fortune-teller, an escaped convict, a zombie truck driver, a giant, a hobo, cowboys, and bikers - and then he ends up getting chased by water-skiers, Santa Claus, and Godzilla while interrupting the filming of a Twisted Sister music video. And then he gets a movie made about his life in which James Brolin (playing Pee-Wee) fights ninjas with Morgan Fairchild.
  • The film Outlander boils down to a Space Marine teaming up with Vikings to fight Aliens.
  • The Chinese cyborg Kung-Fu movie, assuming it really gets made.
  • Troll 2 is about vegetarian goblins disguised as Corrupt Hicks who eat people and get their powers from Stonehenge. Their leaders are a Large Ham Sinister Minister and an even Larger Ham witch with a corn fetish, and they are defeated by a combination of The Power of Goodness and The Power of a Double-Decker Balogna Sandwich. There's also a Bad Ass axe-wielding ghost who can shoot lightning and stop time.
  • Popeye, The Movie, or at least the making of it, can be considered a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot. Directed by Robert Altman, who directed Mash and Nashville, produced by Robert Evans, based more on the original comic strip than the animated cartoons that followed, starring Robin Williams alongside Altman alumni like Shelley Duvall, filmed in Malta, in the late 1970s/early 1980s, partly financed on a mass budget by Paramount Pictures and Disney, with Italian cinematographers, with music by Harry Nilsson and Van Dyke Parks. No wonder "directionless" was a common criticism, although one has to admire that such a concoction could be made, whatever its fate.
  • Club Paradise. Starring Robin Williams, Peter O'Toole, and Rick Moranis. Music by Jimmy Cliff. Directed by Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters, National Lampoon's Vacation). How did it go wrong?
  • Dead Snow. Nazi Zombies. In Norwegian Mountains in Winter. Ein Zwei Die.
  • The titular characters in Ninja Cheerleaders are not just ninjas and cheerleaders but strippers and 4.0 grade students too.
  • WALL•E is a movie in which Johnny Five and an iPod fight HAL 9000 aboard Noah's Ark IN SPACE!!. Suddenly, it sounds like a much better film.
  • Robot Monster: a virtually-immortal robot alien gorilla single-handedly destroys Earth civilization with his bubble machine and then falls in love with a human woman.
  • Army of Darkness: A smartass with a chainsaw hand and a BOOMSTICK must fight an army of medieval zombies led by his own evil zombie Doppelgänger.
  • Ray Harryhausen's The Valley of Gwangi. Little can prepare a viewer for the sheer unadulterated awesome of cowboys roping a motherfucking allosaurus.
  • German movie Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 ?8364;“ Das Geheimnis von Schloæ#376; Kottlitz : Exactly What It Says on the Tin. ("The Golden Nazi Vampires of Absam [a mountain town in Austria] 2 - The Secrets of Castle Kottlitz.")
  • Dead Alive (also known as Braindead). Father McGruder fights off zombies with his Ninja like martial arts skills after proclaiming "I kick ass for the Lord!". Soon after his ascent to Ninja Priest he becomes zombified making him now a Ninja Priest Zombie.
  • Kung-fu Zombie. The title itself is nearly enough to qualify. The movie also has ghosts, Nice Hats and a kung-fu vampire on fire.
  • Star Wars - Jedi Knights. Think about it - they're samurai wizards, with rocket ships and Laser Blades. Darth Vader is a cyborg samurai astronaut wizard race-car driver, and his boss shoots lightning out of his fingers.
  • Black Sheep has carnivorous zombie were-sheep and one character who engages in bestial-pedo-incest (unless the sheep was of age in sheep-years, then it's just bestial-incest)!
  • In the horror movie Elves, the villain's plan to Take Over the World involves the breeding of a race of Nazi elves.
  • In the anthology flick The Monster Club, Mr. Exposition shows another character a schematic that shows what you get when vampires, werewolves, and/or ghouls crossbreed.
  • Crossroads (1986) might not sound like much by the title, but there's Daniel Larusso playing blues to save the soul of his mentor, Ry Cooder, in a guitar duel against the best player the Devil could summon, Steve Vai Sir? We might just be witnessing the end of the universe here...
  • Most of the Syfy Channel Original movies are this. Take Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus for example, it's a movie about a [[Megalodon]] big enough to snap a battle ship in half in one bite that can jump high enough to eat a jet liner about to fight a Giant Octopus big enough to crush an oil rig and levels Tokyo, the two of which have been frozen for eons.
  • D.E.B.S. is about a school of school-girl outfit wearing secret agents who's top student is a budding lesbian who falls for the worlds most notorious criminal.
  • Dude Wheres My Car is about two stoners who have a madcap adventure involving aliens, religious cultists, jocks, a transsexual stripper, and llamas - er, ostriches. Oh, and somewhere along the way they learn to speak Japanese. The title is derived from a line in The Big Lebowski
  • Mulholland Dr. could be seen this way. Two lesbians, one amnesiac and the other a possibly coked-out and psychotic starlet, team up to solve the mystery of the amnesiac's identity. The starlet's inability to catch a break in Hollywood is attributed to Mafiosos who are controlled by a dwarf in a tall-person costume and a cowboy with no eyebrows. Oh, and outside of dream-world, the lesbians just might be a call girl and her madame.
  • Alien: The Facehugger is a Severed Hand Vagina Scorpion Rapist. And all the more Squicktacular for it. Its offspring is essentially made out of penises and vaginas.
  • The Pakistani film International Guerrillas has flying Qu'rans that shoot lasers. Seeing is believing.
  • I Drink Your Blood featured hippie satanists with rabies.
  • Sucker Punch: Clockwork steam-powered undead nazis from World War One. And giant samurai with a minigun.
  • Moon Child features gay vampire gangsters of the future!
  • Rock Slyde: Private eye and former star of gay pirate musical pornos.
  • By Jason X, Jason Voorhees has become a hillbilly cyborg demon zombie serial killer. IN SPACE!
  • Universal Soldier Bioaugmented Cyborg Reanimated Military Servicemen that are used for Black Ops missions, and are given a memory clearance drug to control them, while they are kept in cold storage to keep them from overheating and going berserk. They make use of advanced body armour to increase their Madeof Iron status, and a powerful super steroid to improve their superhuman strength, speed and toughness, at the cost of making it harder to control them. By the third movie(second in canon), they begin using gene therapy to make Super Unisols or Super Supersoldiers and cloning to make more of them and to grow replacement parts for them when they sustain massive damage. These Super Unisols can be controlled by chips implanted in their heads, that also are used for memory clearance. By the fourth movie(third in canon), They begin manufacturing Cloned Super Unisols, that they use as Sleeper Agents, complete with implanted fake memories and lives that can be dissolved with the switch of a button when they're activated. They can be anyone you know, anywhere, at any time. These Cloned Super Unisols are much more stronger, tougher and faster then both regular Unisols and Super Unisols, and they can grow back severed parts of their limbs and appendages. There's also a seedy sex shop in the fourth movie, that engages in a whole other level of fetishes that only Unisols can handle.
  • Top Secret features a musical number regarding "Skeet Surfing" (and apparently the singer had a career of "Skeet X" songs!)
  • Communist Robot Alien, it's a low budget movie about communist allying with alien and build a robot.
  • The Avengers: Tony Stark combines this with Insult Backfire. When Steve Rogers asks him what he'd be without his Powered Armor, Tony replies 'genius billionaire playboy philanthropist'. Plus, at least two Norse gods prominently feature in the film.
  • Sharknado: It's a tornado AND a shark attack.
  • Yor: The Hunter from the Future at first appears to be confined to a fairly consistent, if anachronistic, aesthetic: cavemen fight other cavemen and occasionally dinosaurs, and all the awesomeness either comes from the basic setup or from the fact that Yor himself is played by Reb Brown, and he yells a lot and does impossible things. As the film progresses, it starts to get weirder: before you know it, Reb is setting Ancient Egyptian mummies on fire, and then he's found a laser gun and is fighting robots built by an evil eugenicist Mad Scientist, because it turns out the whole thing is set After the End.
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night describes itself as "The first Iranian vampire western."

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