Nightmare Fuel / xkcd
  • That goddamn Garfield comic.
  • Frame
  • A little Fridge Horror: imagine the day this becomes reality.
  • When I got used to the regular nightmares, my subconscious got creative.
  • The isolation in the "A Bunch of Rocks" strip.
  • The alt text. Because it might be true.
  • The aptly-named #647: "Scary"
  • The "Pore Strips" strip.
  • The mouseover text on this strip.
  • "One."
  • Time Vultures.
  • Sheeple.
  • Endless wings.
  • "I looked down."
  • To some, how frigging BIG the 4th panel of Click and Drag counts.
  • "Friends." It may seem like a typical, kind of sad comic about dating, until the line "Bit by bit, I'll make you depend on me."
  • This is a true nightmare depending on your own views on morality, culture and progress.
    • Also, it perfectly illustrates a nightmare many parents have now: you can't know (and by extention, controll) what your kids will find on the internet and when. Your child may "learn" some grown-up stuff online and try it out not knowing what they're really doing.
  • 10-Day Forecast.
  • "I'm rubber, you're glue."
  • Fish.
  • Keyboard Mash.
  • Voice. I can only control my voice once every six years, And I Must Scream.
    • What makes it worse is that the mouseover text for this strip is very similar to the one from "Keyboard Mash". Could those giant spiders be spreading?
  • The alt text on this one points out that we've already invented unstoppable robot assassins.
  • "Timeghost" might not seem scary, but then you read the last panel...
    "The staaaaart of my haunting is now further away than your deaaaths!"
  • Your local forecast tomorrow is "Steve"
  • Earth Temperature for two main reasons.
    • The first one is the implication that despite all the existing overwhelming evidence, non-scientific arguments AGAINST the theories of man-made global warming are proliferating and causing severe obstacles to efforts towards solving the problem.
    • And the second one, which makes the first a true nightmare for anyone under 60, is that while it took over 11000 years for the average temperature to rise 4 degrees and reach 0°C, it'll take humanity a little less than a century to achieve the same effect and get to 4°C.
      • These two comics illustrate what that means.
      "We haven't had a day like that since the nineties. (...) What used to be normal now feels too cold."
      "[+2 IAUnote ] Cretaceous hothouse. +200m sea level rise. No glaciers. Palm trees at the poles."
    • What is worse is that unlike previous entries on this list, this is real, and according to projections that "Cretaceous hothouse" may be a reality if the current path continues.