Nightmare Fuel: Xenoblade

  • One of Shulk's first visions shows the Arachno Queen impaling and killing Reyn in one blow. If it weren't for Monado Shield kicking in just in time, Shulk would have lost both of his best friends within days of one another.
  • The Face Mechon, especially once you discover what they all are.
    • Shulk is against killing homs. Yet you can still fight and defeat Face Prototypes after the reveal. The item you get for beating them? A Bloodstained Face. Complete with a description entailing lives lost in the horrors of war. Despite Shulks moral stance he's still forced to kill his fellow homs in normal gameplay. A more powerful one in the Mechonis Factory even seems to have a name. And even if the player neglects to fight these enemies, the protagonists still unknowingly murdered the shit out of Xord earlier on in the game.
    • When Shulk encounters Metal Face for the first time and cannot do any damage, he speculates that the red lights on this particular Mechon type are the reason. He's right, but those aren't lights. That's blood.
    • It gets even worse when you remember that Face Mechon were specifically made to counter the Monado. Homs were turned into mindless cannibalistic killing machines partly because of Shulk.
  • The transformation of the High Entia back into Telethia. Not only is it Zanza's Moral Event Horizon, but it's also Body Horror incarnate, and a Fate Worse Than Death besides.
  • Just before that, during the final fight with Egil, you will at a certain point in the battle receive a vision. Unusually, Shulk will comment on it, but other than that you might think that it's just the boss about to do a big attack on you. Well, not quite. Rather, the vision will be for the Mechonis itself performing a technique called Bionis Slash X against the Bionis. The predicted damage for this attack? INFINITY. You will then get a mid-battle quest to knock out some mechanisms to prevent Egil from succeeding, and while it's not that hard to stop, the sheer implications of what will happen should you fail are CHILLING.
    • And speaking of which, the scene shortly before that where Egil pulls the Mechonis' sword out of the Bionis while the Allied Force is still fighting on it. The camera pans back and you see the little black dots of what appears to be hundreds of people falling to their deaths. You later learn that most of them did make it out, but still!
  • The scene where Shulk collapses in pain from the power of the Monado. Serious props to his English VA because his screams of agony are bone-chilling.