Nightmare Fuel / Wizards of Waverly Place

Shows about wizards and magic are never without their share of frightening insanity, and even as a double Emmy award winning kids show, Wizards of Waverly Place is no exception.

  • The two-part special "Wizards vs. Angels":
    • Involved Justin giving up wizardry attempting to become an angel of darkness. When he meets with the leader of darkness, Gorog, they use powers to shroud NYC (and plan to get the world) in darkness, turning the citizens bad at their will. It also gets scary when he and Alex are fighting over the moral compass that controls good and bad, because at one point they're both floating high above the city. Doesn't that scene make it look like they could fall to their doom from there? I know they're angels, but still...
    • The eerie storyline is inclined to portray some sort of incoming Apocalypse, and the way the Dark Angels look gives a demonic impression. Seriously, some viewers may not take it very well.
    • Justin grabbing the little angel girl Tina, offering to throw her from the building in exchange for his own life. Um, a Disney protagonist just threatened to kill a little girl. Creepy.
  • Then there's Mason, his werewolf counterpart and his howling at the moon while a creepy song is playing in the backround. Later, he eats Dean and few realize that this actually implies one of the greatest taboos in the world. Apart from the incestuous implications of course.
  • Stevie's death. First, she get's turned to ice. No big deal, Justin and Alex will probably change her back and get rid of her powers, right? Then Max accidentally (or was it?) knocks her over, shattering her into a million pieces. What's worse is how indifferent everyone acts about it, even her own brother. No one even casually mentions using a spell to fix her. Needless to say, many viewers did not like this episode at all. Little wonder Stevie is set to come Back from the Dead; backlash against her death was so great.
    • They scrapped the "Stevie comes back from the dead" storyline, but that did nothing to stop the fanfic writers.
  • Justin and Juliet walk in the middle of the night through a foggy cemetery, then two vampires stick their heads out of some random graves, their faces gray and creepy, which determines Juliet to make Justin fall into a deep sleep so that he can't see them. One of the vampires even says enthusiastically, showing his fangs, "You brought us a snack", referring to Justin.
  • Mantooth's face in "Halloween" might not be the most pleasant thing for kids to look at.
  • When Shakira becomes Uncle Kelbo. Unless you like that kind of thing.
  • Even though she deserved it, Giselle's transformation back into a bird could be seen as disturbing.
  • The closeup of the "slasher" (his weapon is a hair dryer) from "Movies" makes him (and the episode) pretty terrifying, especially when he comes back at the end...