Nightmare Fuel: White Dark Life


  • The demon characters all have some horrifying aspect about them (except Priscilla). Damien can form mouths almost anywhere on his body but that's relatively tame compared to Dark Matt and Artemis. Dark Matt is in permanent pain because of how poorly his body is built, requiring stitches to keep what still exists together. But Artemis is worse. Her arms are long and boney and rather than hands, she has one replaced with bird-like talons, and the other is replaced with large boney saws. Her stomach has been completely erased, with her spine and ribs completely exposed. Her face hides behind a twisted grinning mask, the only part visible is a single bloodshot eye. Oh, and she can drain your life force on contact. AND DARK MATT MARRIES AND REPRODUCES WITH THIS THING!
    • Dark Matt gets a new form after the time skip. His upper body is wrapped in thorny vines, his lower body is potentially nonexistent, and his head is obscured by his own skull.
    • Damien too can turn into a horrible monster. His lips disappear giving way to a jaw that practically goes across his entire head, another mouth appears on his chest, his arms and legs are covered in tooth enamel and are VERY pointy, and his teeth become even sharper with a Venom like tongue to make things even worse.. And like with his mother, a mortal(DREAM in the roleplays) reproduces with him.
    • Eloria is a Wendigo. Yes, the mythological creature that gets stronger the more it eats. And given that Eloria can feed off of anger itself...
  • Altair sees nothing wrong with the wholesale slaughter of demons. This includes children who can't defend themselves.
    • This only scratches the surface with Altair. His real power is absorbing souls and erasing the memory of them from the world. Imagine everyone you love forgetting you ever existed.
  • Blake has Damien's skill sets but not his Weaksauce Weakness of a picky stomach when it comes to meat. This is one of the major reasons why Damien does not eat people, but the psycho with similar powers doesn't have to worry about this.
    • It's implied that Damien has eaten a person at least once while working under Eloria. In fact, he eats his own WIFE AND DAUGHTER without hesitation in his arrival in Easter Teeth! He did so as an impromptu way of getting them out of an otherwise unavoidable attack, but still...
  • Timeskip Dark Matt is a freaky individual who curses sinners for their actions and rewards the good by writing in a book using his own blood. He has also formed a sadistic nature towards people he curses going as far as in one roleplay as devouring the heart of one of the villain's girlfriend as payment for a wish he refused to grant.
  • Artemis has no issues taking her children to Freddy's. The same Freddy's that regularly has it's guards "vanish" and disturbing and corpse like robots. What's worse is that Damien and Priscilla are implied to ENJOY going there. And to top it off, Foxy has been repaired.
    • The RP from the comic revealing this paints the robots as just as murderous and even more unstoppable as their game counterparts(except Bonnie) to the point that Eloria, an adult demon capable of destroying almost anything, is just as helpless against them as Damien is oblivious to the fact they are dangerous.
    • That said, they are just as often used for comedy purposes, such as being afraid of BILL of all people!


  • Wrapsodi and her children regularly bite and inject venom into their victims, slowly liquefying them from the inside out.
  • Dark Matt at one point claims that if he really wanted to, he could curse someone into turning into Double.
  • The Maid blames everyone else for her misery to the point that she will kill their souls if she gets the chance.
  • At times, Matt's Overprotective Dad tendencies lean towards disturbing levels when he starts exploiting Torch's psychological fears.
  • Matthew and Ne have been put into horrible situations. Specifically, Matthew was put in a repeat of the same events that killed the five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria(he survived of course, just barely, albeit incredibly scarred from the incident mentally) while Ne is hinted to have visited Mogeko Castle, which given how the Mogeko are like, helps explain his sexual confusion.
    • Miriam really doesn't take the latter very well. It ends up less of her being Violently Protective Girlfriend and more, I will murder an entire castle just to be happy with you. Keep in mind that Ne is deathly afraid of Miriam due to the fact that she reminds him of mogeko Castle.
  • Dark Matt willingly revives Wrapsodi just so she can die right in front of her daughter's eyes before he starts attacking her.
  • Uma became so pissed off at Luigifan by the time of "Scardey fox Training" that she is willing to either sterilize or kill herself just to spite his desire to pair her up with Matthew.