Nightmare Fuel / Welcome to Silent Hill

Well, it is Silent Hill...

  • All of the John-a-likes to some degree; they all think that they're the real John. What about all of the dead ones in the hospital?
  • The epilogue is adorable and mellow as John and Sherlock recover for Silent Hill......Until Sherlock goes batshit after John confessed his love. Just...Damn. Mood Whiplash to the extreme.
  • The drugged caffine pills leads to some Paranoia Fuel. Would Mycroft have really drugged Sherlock, or was Moriarty more in control then we knew?
    • To elaborate: if Moriarty could tamper with the supply from Mycroft, then what else could he have done to Sherlock?
  • How broken Sherlock is by the end is truly disturbing when you think about.