Nightmare Fuel: War of the Worlds

The 1980s television series:

  • The Body Horror of alien possession. The possession sequences usually weren't seen on-screen, but the few glimpses we get show the alien literally merging its body on top of a human.
  • The first-season episode "The Angel of Death" shows the aliens casually discussing their plan while a bound and gagged group of humans are trapped in a cage. The scene ends as the aliens walk over to the cage to take over several victims (including the father of a family) as they try to hop away pitifully. Later, we see the possessed father (among others) preparing to attack the team, with the rest of the family never seen again.
  • The cloning process Ironhorse (and others) go through in the second season. Ironhorse gets it particularly bad - kidnapped, stuck into a cloning chamber in a dark warehouse, and forced to watch as a duplicate of himself rises out and mocks him before going off to destroy the Blackwood residence.

The 2005 film:

  • The alien weaponry vaporizing people as they run for their lives. The sight of survivors covered in the ashes of victims and empty clothes falling from the air is some pretty unsettling imagery even with Bloodless Carnage.
  • People being captured alive, both a) to feed the Tripods (which have a biological component) and b) to be used as fertilizer.
  • The plane crash scene is absolutely terrifying. It doesn't help that it overdoses on Hell Is That Noise.
    • "Are we still alive?"
  • Rachel stumbling across the river full of dead bodies. The look on her face says it all.
  • The Hobbes Was Right aspect of the crowds, like the one that threatened Tom Cruise's character and his kids just to have access to a car, and the insane mob killing each other over the car beforehand.
    • And then someone picks up a gun and shoots the guy who just stole the car from Ray.
  • The scene where Ray is forced to kill Ogilvy. It's eerie listening to Rachel singing her lullaby to herself, knowing what's happening in the next room.
  • When Rachel wakes up to find an alien probe right in her face. Her screaming in this scene is absolutely bone-chilling.
  • The tripod attacking the ferry. Tom Cruise's character and his kids get treated to the lovely sight of a car that still has people in it getting flooded with water.
  • The Train scene. At first, while everyone is making a mass exodus, people see a train coming by. The train is on fire and a not a single noise is made while it goes right by everyone. No screams, no music; Just the sound of the train just whooshing by. Nothing Is Scarier, indeed.
    • Just beforehand, Rachel says, "Looks like the power's still on here." Imagine what would've happened if it wasn't and the train crossing bars didn't go down.

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