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Nightmare Fuel: Wakfu
Come on Grovy, give your girlfriend a kiss

  • Try Deserboss making a voodoo doll out of a guard in season 1 episode 24. It looks exactly like it's wiggling in pain, and it couldn't even scream its pain away.... When their job is over, the possessed guards die and turn into dirt.
  • The credits of the "Noximilien" special. A soft, melancholy tune plays as a seizure-flashing insane Nox runs at the camera. "WHAT THE HELL" does not even begin to describe it.
  • If Nox isn't busy being depressing or kicking ass, there's a good chance he's invoking this. One of the creepiest parts of the series is the beginning of Episode 24, where he puts on a cute little puppet show showing his family and their death in a disturbing, childlike manner.
  • the Thirsters from season 2, basically forever-thirsty bamboo zombies that prowl the salty swamps that once were Pandalusia. oh, they're also intangible and so unkillable, and if they phase through you, you turn into one of them.
  • Season 2 at first looks like it'll have a rather more goofy and hammy villain in Rushu, but then we meet the real baddie: Qilby. If it's not that creepy-as-all-get-go trophy room, it's the fact he's spent a lot of time repeatedly murdering a twelve-year-old and his dragon brother. Then there's his transformation into his paler self with the Wakfu Arm, and he becomes a horrifyingly insane madman who was driven so insane, that in the past, he betrayed his people to a group of mechanical horrors. This is a show, you know, for kids.
  • Grougaloragran's scream at the end of "The Zinit".
  • One of the few cartoon characters that managed to successfully creep me out. (im talking about Nox)

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