Nightmare Fuel / Volcano
  • The scenes in the storm drain at the beginning of the movie. They're dark and creepy, especially with the tree roots coating the walls. The soundtrack doesn't do much to help either, being full of suspenseful effects and strange noises, nor is the fact that seven people burned to death and one got sent to hospital only a few minutes prior.
  • The Red Line tunnel as the subway train driver opens the rear window of his train. All the passengers have since either fallen asleep or unconscious due to the heat and fumes, and the tunnel behind him is filled with smoke and steam radiating a demonic red glow as the lava approaches...
  • When Stan has a Type B I'm Melting! death in the subway, after he jumps into a lava flow to save the driver of a train. Not all parts of the trope are invoked: he stops screaming when his diaphragm melts into the lava.
  • Loads. Especially during the train evacuation. If you try watching the movie without sound, the deaths of Anne Heche's partner and of Stan are particularly traumatic.
  • The scene of the dog trapped in a house not too far from the Tar Pits. A few seconds before the lava goes through a door, you can see a sinister orange light coming out of the door gap. Imagine yourself as a child looking at ''your'' living room door and noticing the same light.
  • Although it overlaps with Visual Effects of Awesome, the first eruption and the lava flow burning through the fence and a trafficked road is extremely unsettling.
  • The firefighters burned alive inside their firefighter truck. The bad thing is they don't melt like Stan: they just burn as it is supposed to be in Real Life. At least there's no glimpse of their carbonized corpses.
  • Rachel's death. She falls into a chasm filled with boiling lava and deadly gas with no hope of escape or being found.
  • After blocking the first flow, Mike and Amy suspect the eruption hasn't stopped yet, and to prove this, they check with a video camera a Red Line tunnel from a manhole. At first it seems there's nothing to worry about. Much to their surprise, they don't notice another huge fast-moving lava flow until it reaches the lowered camera. Thank God they didn't decide to go underground at the wrong place at the wrong time.