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Nightmare Fuel: Velvet Underground
  • "Heroin" is a great way to unwillingly raise your heart rate, gain paranoia, become short of breath, feel like a needle was just jabbed into your arm...
    • If you need to be scared of Lou Reed, look no further than White Light/White Heat. "The Gift" wherein likeable hero Waldo mails himself to his long-distance girlfriend out of loneliness and fear that she might be cheating on him (fears which are proven right), when he gets there his girlfriend and her friend can't open the box he is in, so they get the cutter... Also Lady Godiva getting a lobotomy, yeah.
    • Beck did a cover, complete with trippin' video. AND, left to their own devices, his backup band turned the nightmare Up to Eleven! [1]
  • "Black Angel's Death Song", "Lady Godiva's Operation", "The Murder Mystery", and so forth.
  • The roaring/grinding noise in "European Son".

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