Nightmare Fuel / Urbanus

Album cover of "De Vettige Vampiers".

  • In "Het Oeuvre van Hors d' Oeuvre" all members of Urbanus' family die a gruesome death.
  • In "Leute voor de Meute" Urbanus' girlfriend is fried to death in a giant frying pan.
  • In "De Riolen van Tollembeek" Urbanus and his family wash themselves in the sewers, then change into mutated rats.
  • "De Vettige Vampiers" shows the entire town on the brink of a vampire apocalypse.
    • The ending is even creepier, with a picture of a vampire turned Urbanus, creepily asking the reader to stroke their greasy thumb over the picture on a background that could better be said as a hellscape.
  • Eufrazie being completely used as a body donor in "Vaarwel Eufrazie". All her various body parts are used by other people.
  • In "Het zwarte winkeltje" Urbanus had to fulfill a task in which he was split in 5 smaller parts of himself and each part forced him to face off one enemy he had to kill. The only surviving Urbanus who had remained alive had to perform a task that seemed very simple at first: taking care of babies. So he saw one of the babies who was thirsty and got them some milk. When he returned the baby bottles they were suddenly all on his head. As Urbanus told them he didn't have any milk the kids replied: "Who said that we drink milk? We drink blood."