Nightmare Fuel / 2 Stupid Dogs

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  • From the episode "Red Strikes Back". The dogs feed Red food for two freakin' years and turn her really obese for a sexy witch to eat her. Once she's done that, she says she's still hungry, and the ending episode title shows Red and the dogs inside her stomach surrounded by acid.
    • Ironically enough, it could have been meant as a past the radar reference to voraphillia and masochism.
  • "Inside Out": After Little Dog bites the electric ball from the museum and gets shocked, we are treated to a very freaky scene of a flashing background with electric lines coming down behind it, and a very scary tiki-god like head staring at the viewer saying in a sinister voice "FOOLISH CANINE, I AM NOT 'YOUR' FRIEND!!!!!" and laughs evilly. For a big-lipped alligator moment, that was freaky!
    • It doesn't help that said evil tiki-head thingy is voiced by Jim Cummings.