Nightmare Fuel / 2 Stupid Dogs

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  • From the episode "Red Strikes Back". The dogs feed Red food for two freakin' years and turn her really obese for a sexy witch to eat her. Once she's done that, she says she's still hungry, and the ending episode title shows Red and the dogs inside her stomach surrounded by acid.
    • Ironically enough, it could have been meant as a past the radar reference to voraphillia and masochism.
  • "Inside Out": After Little Dog bites the electric ball from the museum and gets shocked, we are treated to a very freaky scene of a flashing background with electric lines coming down behind it, and a very scary tiki-god like head staring at the viewer saying in a sinister voice "FOOLISH CANINE, I AM NOT 'YOUR' FRIEND!!!!!" and laughs evilly. For a big-lipped alligator moment, that was freaky!
    • It doesn't help that said evil tiki-head thingy is voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • "Spooks a Poppin'": The Creepy Pet Cemetery setting of the episode (naturally), and the scene where Little Dog charges toward the Big Dog with the monkey skull on his head (he is trying to hit the wall to get it off), with the Big Dog showing genuine fear and not knowing who's under the skull. And to some, seeing Mr. H dressed like a woman could be pretty scary.