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Nightmare Fuel: Trauma Center
Dr. you know what else Trauma Center is good for? It's also good for...SCARING!
  • At first, the operations in Under the Knife / Second Opinion are relatively low-tension operations: removing glass from a patient's arm, removing tumors from another patient's stomach, burning away polyps from someone's throat. Might make some players quesy, but nothing really life-threatening happening. However, the fourth operation is a Wham Episode, giving you the first life-or-death operation in the game. Defibrilator, done. Remove glass shards from patient's chest area, done. Open up patient and oh god there are shards of glass in his heart too!
  • Linda Reid, a patient with suicidal tendencies, can hit a little too close to home for those who have attempted suicide or have a close friend who has. Good news: it's not her fault. Bad news: GUILT was causing it. It's also the first time you get to see GUILT and its effects. Also, just consider: how long were those strains of Kyriaki inside her, cutting her up from the inside?
  • Just take a moment to think about what GUILT and Stigma do to you. And there's a lot more where that came from.
  • Trauma Team has a pretty scary one. The Rosalia Virus causes WAY too many people to die. And when a person truly dies, they bleed to DEATH through anything with a hole, including their EYES.
  • From Trauma Team, Rosalia is, essentially, Super Ebola that is spread by butterflies. While giving you a touch of Ax-Crazy to make it extra bad. It also just happens to leave it's trademark black bruises in the shape of a freaking CLAW on the liver of most victims. It's likely a consequence of the bruises forming near the entry point of the liver but it still looks frighting as all hell.
  • By Under the Knife 2, Neo GUILT also causes Ax Craziness.
    • Call it Narm if you must, but Neo-GUILT-infected Adel demonstrates a rather cruel use for the Healing Touch: Using its Bullet Time properties to kill people.
      "Dr. you know what else the "Healing" Touch is good for? It's also good for...KILLING!"
  • In earlier operations, if you fail an operation, another doctor will simply take over for you, securing the patient's life. However, in later operations, whoever you're playing as is often the only doctor capable of dealing with whatever is inside the patient, which means if your patient's vitals hit 0 (or you run out of time), your patient will outright die.
    • In Under the Knife 2's final operation, the Big Bad has rigged the room to infect everyone inside with Neo-GUILT if she dies. Oh, and she has to be operated on, because she is infected with Aletheia. And the operation has several ways of knocking out a large fraction of her vitals or outright killing her if you make certain mistakes. Good luck.

Mankind strives towards death...only a fool would deny that.
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