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Nightmare Fuel: Transistor
  • The Process. Imagine a completely alien menace hell bent on turning every last building and person in Cloudbank into data to be processed. It knows nothing, feels nothing, but the need to gather data.
    • Your first encounter with Younglady.
    • Later on they start showing an... obsession with Red. The Snapshots who usually take photos of you to distract you during combat now seem to be taking them because they want to.
  • The Spine, a massive, implacable beast that hunts Red as she climbs a tower in order to find answers. Even worse, its very presence causes the Transistor to start losing his mind, drunkenly rambling and losing memories. At times, he can't even tell if Red is still there. It gets bad enough that she logs into a message board to type messages to him, begging him to hold on long enough for her to kill the Spine.
    • And that is not the only one... Luckily you don't have to fight it again.
  • Younglady Farm. Be prepared to mash the turn() button.
    • Mitigated by some VERY careful maneuvering, allowing you to bypass them completely unharmed.
    • Or Jaunt() spam...
  • The fate of the Camerata. Sybil is turned into a Process, Grant and Asher commit suicide, and Royce is sucked into the Transistor and you have to kill him.
  • The entire game is a train wreck of nightmare fuel for the Man in the Transistor but let's start with the first thing that happened to him. The man was impaled and Processed by the Transistor; the first thing he saw when he "woke up?" His impaled and mostly likely BLEEDING CORPSE. No wonder he freaks out.
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