Nightmare Fuel: Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye has a considerable amount of Nightmare Fuel.

MTMTE Issue 1:

  • Whirl talking to several leftover Sweep carcasses which he had pinned to a wall inside a shabby structure out in Cybertron's wastelands, and apparently mutilating them as a disturbing method of stress relief. And apparently he did this because he was frustrated with the NAILs (Non-Aligned Indigenous Life-forms aka Neutral Transformers) and having been kicked out of the Wreckers. When he had his fun, Whirl doused the ruins with (energon) fuel and bid a very creepy thank you and farewell to the remains, planning to burn it all—quite possibly, himself included...until Cyclonus accidentally interrupted everything.
  • Tailgate. Stuck in a tunnel in the middle of nowhere, with both his legs completely destroyed, and no one coming to find or rescue him. FOR SIX MILLION YEARS!!
  • When The Lost Light suffered a catastrophic accident which involved an explosion in its quantum engines that forces the ship to quantum jump before its preparation is complete, it is hurled off some far corner of the galaxy, and a fifth of the ship's crew is sucked out into space through the breach , burning up as they entered atmosphere.
  • The very first issue has the extremely creepy message from the future, trying to warn the crew of the Lost Light not to leave Cybertron.
  • At one point, the Underbase is mentioned. Sure, a nice Mythology Gag, but that means it exists. An artefact that gives anyone who uses it godlike power and drives them mad. And this is a series where Anyone Can Die.

MTMTE Issue 2:

  • Ore gets fused with the quantum generator. The results... aren't pretty. Becomes even worse when we find out that this caused two Lost Lights to spring into existence, opening up the horrifying "slaughterhouse" arc later down the road.
  • Issue #2 features Skids warping in over the same planet the Lost Light landed on, with no memory of his most recent history, an inhibitor claw strapped to his back, and a very definite feeling that he is fleeing from something. He thinks he must have gotten away, completely missing the writing on the wall behind him that reads "YOU HAVEN'T ESCAPED. THEY'RE ALL AROUND YOU." It turns out the shuttle he's on is in fact three giant sword-wielding robots (which can breathe fire, by the way) that end up pursuing him across the planet, all the while repeating "Nineteen-eighty-four..." over and over again. They will NEVER, EVER STOP until they have captured what they need to capture.
    • For the record, those giant robots with swords are named Legislators, as they were given that name in the concept sketches of MTMTE.
  • Red Alert telling Rodimus alarmingly that there is a Sparkeater aboard the Lost Light. Beside him, one of the Duobots, more specifically Shock, is dead with his mouth hanging open and a hole in his chest.

MTMTE Issue 3:

  • How the Sparkeater kills the duobot Shock. It immobilizes Shock and forces him to regurgitate his own brain capsule, killing him and causing his spark to emerge for the Sparkeater to devour.
  • The Sparkeater. Enough said. It consumes Cybertronian sparks and hunts down Cybertronians, specifically for those who have the "brightest spark", and it will NEVER, EVER STOP until it finds what it wants and consumes the "brightest spark". Combine the creepiness and design concept of the Xenomorphs from Aliens with the determination of a Terminator when pursuing a chosen target, that is what a Sparkeater IS.
    • Due to the lack of general knowledge about them and the myths that have sprung up around them, they are sometimes also known as Cybervores, Soulsnatchers, and The Nightmare with a Thousand Names. The sheer mention of them can strike fear even in the most battle-hardened of warriors.
    • and here is a traditional Cybertronian Rhyme about Sparkeaters.
      "Nickel, iron, cobalt, chrome,
      He'll eat your soul,
      Turn your spark to stone,
      Nickel, iron, cobalt, chrome,
      Run, little robot, run away home."
      —Traditional Cybertronian rhyme
    • At one point, Drift mentions that Sparkeaters are drawn to emotional trauma, and that something nasty must've happened on-board the ship before the Autobots got there. Typical Drift nonsense, right? As issue 31 proves, he might have actually been correct.
    • Even worse, when Whirl tries to kill it, he's told the explosion would've taken out half the ship. Normal methods of killing a Sparkeater don't work, they'd just blow up everything within several miles.
  • Issue 33 causes one of this issue's events to be rather creepy in hindsight. Animus's death wasn't a random occurrence, his superspark made the Sparkeater target him. On the alternate Lost Light, he got used as bait instead since Rung was killed in the explosion.

MTMTE Issue 4:

  • First Aid creates an Apocalypse log that chronicles the hopeless situation at Delphi, the medical center. The bots there are all infected with a disease which causes their internal organs to liquify and come out their eyes. In other words, they cry themselves to death. We get to see this firsthand with Pipes and Drift (with the former's optics completely liquefying).

MTMTE Issue 5:

  • Fortress Maximus killing Sonic and Boom in a frightening rage.
  • That room Pharma and Ratchet are standing in? Look at the hundreds of Transformation cogs shelved on the walls. HOLY PRIMUS. And that grin Pharma had on his face was freaking scary.

MTMTE Issue 6:

  • What Fortress Maximus had to endure, and eventually what he became.
  • There's also Overlord's torture of Fort Max, which is shown-graphically-in issue #6, both in flashback and in video form by Rewind to distract Maximus after he takes Rung and Whirl hostage. Being shown footage of his own horrific torture, including Overlord's Energon-splattered face is horrifying enough that it causes him to fall to the ground crying.
  • The sheer fact that Red Alert discovering a phase sixer Decepticon, or more accurately, OVERLORD is restrained within a hidden chamber at the bottom of the ship when there should have been empty space.
  • At one point, Whirl mentions some 'bots came online during the war, Fort Max among them. The Autobots and Decepticons alike were perfectly willing to use their species' equivalent of Child Soldiers. And even worse, no-one bats an eyelash at this, or suggests it might have something to do with Max's breakdown. It's just a fact of life to them.

MTMTE Issue 7:

  • The Decepticon Justice Division is just plain walking nightmare fuel. To elaborate:
    • Kaon's alt mode is an electric chair. And no, he doesn't need to turn into it to use his powers of Shock and Awe. One can only assume that he has it for the sheer psychological value of strapping his target into it before electrocuting them! In addition, he has creepy as hell Black Eyes of Evil and a pet Sparkeater. Yeah, that scary-as-all-hell thing that devours your Spark and can make you vomit up your brain without even touching you? He has a smaller one as his pet.
    • Helex has a giant smelting furnace built into his chest. Being stuck in there partially melted Black Shadow, and they only took him out so they could torture him in different ways before they killed him.
    • Vos doesn't reveal his method of torture in this issue, but he talks only in what's described as "Old Cybertronian," which makes him rather eerie. However, close-ups of Black Shadow show lots of holes in his face. The following issue reveals how they got there...
    • Tesarus has a massive grinder/turbine/ built into his chest. A whirling cyclone of bladed death that shreds anything that ends up being shoved into it. Like Black Shadow's legs.
    • Then, there's the leader, Tarn. For starters, he's basically got the Decepticon symbol for a face, leading to gems such as this. He's fond of playing fine music as he and his teammates torture/kill you, and he's mastered the art of being Faux Affably Evil to a seriously creepy degree. In addition, he's weaponized his voice. In his own words:
    Tarn: Here's the thing. They say I can talk people to death. "Weaponized conversation," they say.
    "I don't know," I say. "Sounds a bit pretentious."
    "Maybe so," they say, "but you can modulate the timbre of your voice so that it falls into step with the pulse of the listener's spark."
    "Well," I say, "there is that."
    "And then, by gradually lowering your voice," they say, "you can coax the spark into giving up."
    That's what they say. What do you say?
    Black Shadow: I'm so, so sorry.
    (Cue Black Shadow's sudden, explosive death)
  • The Decepticon group known as the Scavengers are a bunch of goofy misfits, right? Well, while they're gathered around their campfire, it turns out that said "campfire" is actually an Autobot corpse they set ablaze. Only it turns out that said "corpse" is still alive. Krok is quick to rectify that.
  • Fulcrum wakes up to the Scavengers trying to dismantle him for spare parts, having thought he was dead. And spends the next few minutes trying to convince them he's friendly while Misfire is holding one of his internal "organs" (still connected to Fulcrum by a series of cables) the whole damn time. It's Played for Laughs, especially when Fulcrum actually notices that Misfire's holding his fuel pump, but still...
  • The Decepticon squad finds a large ship, and in that ship are some very horrific things. Brain Modules are found, along with deformed protoforms (the equivalent of aborted fetuses). There is also a room with skin on it which has bled into the fuel supply, and a (once) functional robot made of wood. The crowning gem is Grimlock, the Autobot notorious for killing Decepticons, being held in stasis.

MTMTE Issue 8:

  • The DJD again:
    • Vos's method of torture is finally revealed, and it's arguably the worst of the lot: he takes off his face, the interior of which is lined with needles and drills, and makes you wear it. Oh, and his eyes are still in it as you wear it, so you can see what else they're about to do to you. This leaves him with a hugely creepy empty, bowl-shaped hollow with sockets where his face should be. Poor Krok is subjected to the process and though the results aren't shown in great detail, what we do get to see is rendered unrecognizable as a face.
      • While wearing it, he makes a sound not unlike choking on his own blood.
    • Tesarus shreds Flywheels as he did Black Shadow... only headfirst. This leads to an incredibly nasty Gory Discretion Shot as what's left of Flywheels' top half exits the back of Tesarus; if you look closely, you can see his optics.

MTMTE Issue 9, 10 and 11 (SHADOWPLAY TRILOGY):

  • The sheer cold-bloodedness of Proteus and Sentinel's plan. Let's recap, shall we? Two closet 'con Senators and a Prime murdered, a planned bombing that would have killed hundreds, and an ultimate endgame of lobotomizing thousands of Decepticons. Oh, and they turn one of the few good 'bots in the system into an emotionless evil mastermind. Remind me why the Decepticons turned bad again?
  • Shockwave's origin, told in issue 11. Believe us, we'd definitely like to remember you as you were.
  • The manner by which Red Alert chose to commit suicide; removing his own head. Apparently, it's rather easy to do if you're old enough.
  • The Institute. Full-stop.

MTMTE Issue 12:

  • The look on Swerve's face after he accidentally shoots it off in battle with Decepticons. It's not pretty, considering you can see his robotic skull and optic hanging out.

MTMTE Issue 14:

  • Chromedome delving into Overlord's memories.

MTMTE Issue 15:

  • Imagine you're an Autobot onboard the Lost Light. Just a regular, average grunt, nobody important, who's tagging along on Rodimus' quest for whatever reason. You've survived thus far, and you've just had some much-needed shore-leave on Hedonia, and now you're going about your duties on the ship, or maybe you're off-duty and having a drink at Swerve's, or recharging quietly in your hab-suite, something like that. Just a normal day on the ship. Then alarms start blasting, shots are being fired and people are screaming because Overlord, one of the most powerful, ruthless, and sadistic Decepticons to ever exist, capable of razing entire worlds on his own is suddenly inside the ship and he's killing everyone. No one has any idea how he got into the ship, where he came from, how he got repaired, nothing. He's just suddenly there and there's a good chance you're about to die. Even worse if you find out some of your crewmates actually did know he was on the ship but never told anyone or had security measures in place in case he got out.
  • How Overlord kills Pipes when the latter accidentally bumps into the former while on his way to watch Rewind's movie. BY STOMPING ON HIM UNTIL HE'S A MESS OF A RUIN.
  • Rewind's final fate is terrifying as it is Tearjerking. Being trapped in a cell with Overlord, unable to say your goodbyes to the one you love the most, though your faces are only inches away, before the pod is jettisoned. It's hard to say whether Chromedome blowing the cell up was a relief or just made the whole thing worse.
Possibly the scariest part is the fact that all we get to see is Overlord looming over Rewind before cutting over to the outside of the ejected cell. The fact that we have no goddamn idea what is happening in there, especially seeing as this is Overlord we're talking about, makes it much, much worse than if it were directly shown.

MTMTE Issue 16:

  • Though it's a lot more low key than previous examples, there's something extremely disturbing about the reveal that Chromedome has erased his own memories of past lovers to avoid the emotional pain.
  • Imagine being Tailgate and looking up at the death clock.

MTMTE Issue 17:

  • Issue 17 just opened up a can of Nightmare Fuel IN THE READERS' FACES. let's examine them one by one, shall we?
    • Tailgate just discovered he has Cybercrosis, a cybertronian disease with no known cure, brought about by nothing more than old age, and apparently it will kill him in a little just over three days. Ratchet, the Lost Light's chief medical officer, explains the details of the various stages of the disease - which includes infection of innermost energon, blindness, loss of transformation ability, paralysis, and memory loss. These wonderful details cause Tailgate to flee the medibay in a panic, racing back to his quarters with tears flooding from his optics.
    • The Crew of the lost light have discovered Cybertron's Lost Moon, Luna 1, and the moon is seething with life... transformers' Sparks, that is.
    • THE LEGISLATORS FROM ISSUE 2 (THOSE CHASING SKIDS AND REPEATING THE NUMBERS "1984") ARE BACK, AND THEY ARE LEGION. Oh, and they are now saying the numbers "1721" now.
    • The mad doctor from Issue 4, aka Pharma, IS BACK. AND HE HAS A CHAINSAW FOR A HAND.

MTMTE Issue 18:

  • Mad Doctor Pharma living up to his new nickname by casually chatting with Ratchet's... head.
  • The Metrotitan necropolis that the away team is forced to hide in.
  • Star Saber stabbing Skids in the gut, then knocking out Swerve, for how shocking and unexpected it is.

MTMTE Issue 19

  • Ambulon being horrifically sawed in half... lengthwise.
  • Tyrest replenishes his Legislator army by having them mass-produced by recycling the smelted remains of prisoners he has executed.
    • Note that it's never said they were dead when they were thrown into the smelting pool.
  • Also, Tyrest's kill switch, that will be used to kill everyone that is "constructed cold".
  • The issue ends with Tyrest triggering a legislator to reach out and crush Minimus Ambus' head with its bare hands when Minimus protests his plan to use the Universal Killswitch.

MTMTE Issue 20

  • The b cover is a real treat.
  • The Universal Killswitch works! Even worse, Tyrest activates it at the end of the issue leaving most of the Lost Light crew and Scavengers doubled over in pain as it starts to kill every cold constructed Transformer in existance. We're given several shots of the Killswitch afflicting people over the entire galaxy.
  • The reason why Tyrest hunts Titans is so he can cannibalize them for parts, in order to build a patchwork Titan Space Bridge out of the rotten remnants of the Titans.
  • Star Saber impales and kills Dai Atlas.
  • Fridge Horror: The nudge gun Skids uses is Institute tech, but Brainstorm and Chromedome, both of whom have experience with that sort of thing, didn't know about it. So where the heck are Special Ops getting their weapons? Knowing Prowl, he's got a bunch of Institute scientists stashed away somewhere, still doing and making God-knows-what.

MTMTE Issue 21:

  • Skids steps through Tyrest's portal and enters an Eldritch Location with nightmarish scenery and a giant orange spark... thing. Then, when he runs back out and it closes behind him, a mass of tendrils comes out of the portal and drags away Pharma's corpse.
  • Cyclonus stabs Star Saber in the eyes.
  • A still-comatose Tyrest teleports away in "The Sound of Breaking Glass" prose story. That's right, this bona fide crazed genocidal lunatic escapes to live and think of creative ways to halve the number of the Cybertronian race another day.
    • Star Saber and Lockdown too.

MTMTE Issue 28:

  • The list of charges at Megatrons trial finally presents the death toll of the Great War. 4.6 billion Transformers, and at least another hundred billion other lifeforms out in the larger galaxy.
  • Megatron's injuries aren't explored in-depth, but the damage is said to be so bad any significant medical procedure would likely kill him. Remember now that these are interdimensional portals inside of him.
  • As Chromedome is listening to Rewind's last message again, the final words change. This time instead of ending in "I love you", it ends in a bloodcurdling scream.
  • The issue ends with Ultra Magnus calling Megatron up to the bridge because the ship's sensors have just picked up something; a coffin...

MTMTE Issue 29:

  • Objects start disappearing more rapidly than in the last issue. This is shown when Chromedome and Nightbeat walk into Nightbeat's room and are nearly sucked into space because the wall disappeared.
    • The one scene where Chromedome is angrily telling Nightbeat to leave and the latter turns around to see Rewind himself.
  • At the end of the issue Megatron and Trailcutter open up the coffin. They're greeted with Rodimus' corpse with half of his head cleaved off. The next issue somehow manages to make it both less and more terrifying at the same time.

MTMTE Issue 30:

  • The Lost Light literally disappears, forcing the crew to evacuate.
  • The autopsy of future!Rodimus' corpse reveals that someone's apparently sliced his head in half with a hot blade. And he was alive when it happened. Whoever prepared his coffin altered his face afterward to remove the scream.

MTMTE Issue 31:

  • Every time the lights go out in the Rodpod some more crewmembers disappear. And than it turns out that the same thing has been happening to the other shuttles. The group in the Rodpod only learn this after witnessing Ultra Magnus and his shuttle disappear midway through a desperate call for help.
  • As if it wasn't creepy enough that some Autobots and Decepticons were born during the war and used as Child Soldiers, we learn that some cybertronians are "Made To Order"; this means that they were literally constructed cold for the sole purpose of being soldiers. The birthing process is slapdash that many of them suffer from neurological disorders and delusions due to their basically newborn senses.
    • While he's being sarcastic, Skids mentions the MTOs had a life expectancy of three minutes.
  • Riptide's flashback, when he confronts the previous owners of the Lost Light, and they suddenly beat the crap out of him and left him for dead. And the fact that they knew the Sparkeater was on-board, hence why they beat him up.

MTMTE Issue 32:

  • The broken-up version of the Lost Light that the crew encounters. Not only does it look absolutely devastated, but there's quantum foam floating all around it. Quantum foam that looks like blood.
    • In a notably creepy moment the Rodpod group lands in a trashed area of the ship to get their bearings. They stand around for a bit until they realize something. Their landing spot isn't just a random empty room, it's Swerve's bar, only completely trashed and torn apart to the point that it's barely recognizable.
    • What the Rodpod crew find after investigating the ship: everyone is dead, murdered in unspeakably violent ways, some of them in blatant execution styles. And then Megatron figures out how this happened; the Decepticon Justice Division found the ship, and made sure to leave no survivors.
      • Even worse we're shown how some of the crew died. Whirl had his arms sliced off before Kaon used Vos to blow his head off, Mainframe's head was torn from his torso, Tailgate was impaled on a girder, Ultra Magnus had his chest blown out, Swerve's head was crushed, and Perceptor was shredded to mulch by Tesarus. And then they utterly eviscerated Overlord with a chainsaw.
      • Also the only way alternate Rewind was able to survive was by crawling into the destroyed Magnus armor and hiding.
      • Worst of all, from Rewind's perspective, when he is finally discovered, after hiding inside the Magnus Armor for Primus-knows-how-long, his rescuers turn out to be Megatron and Ravage. The fact that Megatron's wearing an Autobot symbol probably won't help any.
    • Probably the worst part is the sheer sadistic glee that the DJD shows in slaughtering the crew. As they are preparing to kill Overlord they all have mad smiles and seem to be almost laughing at the carnage they cause.

MTMTE Issue 33

  • This cover (spoilers ahoy).
  • We learn some rather creepy things about the alternate Lost Light:
    • We see how alternate Rodimus died. His fight with the Sparkeater went horribly wrong on the alternate ship and half of his head got chopped off by the quantum engines.
    • The DJD forced Rewind to film their massacre of the crew by holding Chromedome hostage. Than after they were done they tried to force Chromedome to Mind Rape himself and erase his memories of Rewind. When he refused, they stabbed him to death with his own mnemosurgery needles.
    • We see more of how the alternate crew members died. Cyclonus had his head exploded by a pointblank headshot from Vos, Pipes was literally torn in half, Cosmos was shoved into Tesarus's grinder head first, Chromedome got stabbed to death with his own needles, and Red Alert was riddled with bullets by Helex.
  • The reveal that Brainstorm is a Decepticon Mole suddenly makes him much, much scarier. And then in the second epilogue he walks into Swerve's and seemingly kills everyone inside by opening his briefcase.

MTMTE Issue 34

  • Bluestreak's strange find is chilling to any knowledgable reader.
    Bluestreak: What kind of 'bot has a removable face?
  • Imagine for a minute that you're Trailcutter. Your attempt to save a life has revived a sadistic killer and drained your already-inefficient systems considerably. In desperation, you throw up a timed forcefield around yourself as your companion goes for help, which seems to confound your attacker. Then he flashes two fingers at you before pointing at himself and the pile of rubble behind you, at which point one of the chairs trapped under the barrier with you begins to move...
  • Trailcutter's demise at the hands of Kaon is horrific. By the time First Aid returns with Bluestreak and Mainframe, Kaon has torn him limb from limb and is busy twirling his brain module around on its stem with the most horrible Slasher Smile imaginable on his face. He then crushes Trailcutter's brain against the still-intact forcefield just to spite First Aid.
  • What happens to Megatron in the flashback. Getting knocked out and waking up to find Trepan playing with his brain, ready to remove Megatron's intellect and desire to rebel. And he's only saved by intervention from Rung...

MTMTE Issue 35

  • Nick Roche's subscription cover, featuring Three-of-Twelve.
  • The alternate timeline sequences are basically 1984 cranked Up to Eleven. Amongst other things a lunar class bot is casually shot dead for not having a useful alt mode, all Cybertronians have deterrence chips installed in their heads, and cold constructed transformers have been exiled from Cybertron. Oh and the Primal Vanguard has cameras installed in their eyes. And soon all Cybertronians will have them.
    • And the Vanguard don't know they have cameras in their eyes. The Council came along and installed them while they were sleeping.
  • The replacement for Empurata, where instead of someone's head being replaced with a cycloptic box, they just replace it with a computer screen, and remove people's ability to speak in the process. Especially when it turns out the council can use it to hijack someone's brain.
    • Even worse, Dominus reveals that the Functionist Council created the new Empurata because they performing the old kind so much that it was losing it's shock value.
  • At the issue's climax the Functionist Council detonates all of the chips in the data stick class, wiping out a quarter of the population with the press of a button. Rewind at first thinks that he's safe... until the Council informs him that his back-up chip is still active. POK.
  • The Functionist Council themselves are unsettlingly creepy, especially in the way they just arbitrarily call for mass-genocides in their quest for "the perfect shape". And they go about it with the most detached calmness possible.
    • At the very beginning, it's mentioned that they deported all the Constructed Cold Cybertronians. It's never said where they were deported to, but given the Council, it's probably for the best we don't know...

MTMTE Issue 36

  • The crew indirectly cause Orion and the Outliers to lose their memories of Roller disappearing, thus dooming him to whatever happened. There are also increasingly strong implications that Roller is in fact the younger version of Tarn and him being accidentally left for dead is his Start of Darkness. What arguably tops it all off is that, based on the descriptions of issues 37 and 38, this is just the first of a series of tragedies caused by the Lost Light crew travelling to the past in an attempt to stop Brainstorm — it is also, quite possibly, the very last part of the message from the future that was cut off in the very first issue.

MTMTE Issue 37

  • The last shot of the comic of Brainstorm leveling a gun at Megatron as he's being assembled, directly at his exposed spark, killing him before he's ever truly born. Worse, in the present, Megatron actually realizes this is what Brainstorm is trying to do.

MTMTE Issue 38

  • It turns out that the gun Whirl stole from Brainstorm's lab is a gun that literally turns people into Sparkeaters. Cyclonus is forced to use it on an attacking guard, and the poor bastard gets horribly twisted and mutated into the Sparkeater from issue 3.
  • The ending of the issue reveals that Rung may or may not be the trigger of the apocalypse.

MTMTE Issue 39

  • The DJD tortures Blip by sawing his scalp off and than making him hold his brain in his mouth.
    Tarn: It's rude to talk with your mouth full.
  • It's shown that the DJD apparently pray to Megatron for guidance after missions, almost as if they worship him as a god. They even went through the trouble of having statues of him erected in their ship to which they bow. It's exactly as disturbing as it sounds.
  • At one point Tarn is doing performance reviews for Tesarus. It's a very calm and friendly moment, with the two talking in a somewhat bored manner and Tarn enjoying a drink. Tesarus than makes a comment about how Tarn shouldn't have retreated back in the Slaughterhouse arc, implying that he thinks Tarn went against Decepticon ideals. Suddenly Tarn does a complete 180, violently smashing his glass and grabbing Tesarus in a chokehold while threatening to blow him up for even daring to imply that he's "un-Decepticon". Probably one of the most frightening moments of Mood Whiplash featured in the comic.
  • During Tarn's near-death experience, we see him being rebuilt in a flashback panel. The disturbing part is the machinery and the scientists working on him are near-identical to those that were used on Shockwave at the end of issue 11. And if Tarn is Roller, that might explain exactly what, or who, happened to him...

MTMTE Issue 40

  • A more mundane example which is more disturbing because of how realistic and straightforward it is. Getaway's behavior toward Tailgate has taken a turn from "odd but sort of endearing" to "outright manipulative" as he tries to turn him against Cyclonus. Considering that Tailgate is essentially a child, his weird possessive fixation on the little 'bot —as well as his habit of hurrying Tailgate off somewhere secluded to pour drink down his throat— lends itself to some really, really unpleasant implications. This might not end well for you, Tailgate...

MTMTE Issue 41

  • Meet Countdown, everyone! Decorated General, hero of a thousand worlds, and Thunderclash's most famous protégé. The last we see of him alive, he's screaming at an unseen horror in the depths of Thunderclash's trailer, and not thirty-six hours later, this larger-than-life bot is cooling in the morgue. And things only start to become well and truly horrifying when Nightbeat and Getaway accidentally discover the attention-deflecting lesions all over his body...
  • Thunderclash's inching shutdown is in fact intentional on his part. By controlling the rate of his expiration, he's able to manipulate the readings of his life support systems and leave the others a warning: Y0 u're a11 3L1N D All DEaD. And then we get another knock from his trailer...
  • Just as one an a half issues of Breather Episode draw to a close, the horrors begin again in earnest. Nightbeat and Getaway are talking when Ravage comes bolting down the hall, sparking with damage and terrified out of his mind, saying "They're everywhere!" and "They won't stop looking at me!" before fleeing. Now, keep in mind that Ravage is incredibly brave and composed in most situations, yet he's seen something that terrifies him to the point that he can barely shout out a warning in his feral panic. Not a pair to be discouraged by the all giant red flags this raises, Nightbeat and Getaway immediately pursue him to the darkened morgue, where a lucky accident with the Attention-Deflector-Disruptor on Nautica's Wrench reveals not only hundreds of horrific lesions on Countdown's corpse, but a fresh outbreak beginning on Getaway's face. But even that's not the worst the morgue has to offer, and suddenly scores of lesion monsters appear out of nowhere to surround them.
  • The implication at the issue's end is that the Vis Vitalis is some sort of plague ship. The twist? The plague doesn't take too kindly to being found out.