Nightmare Fuel / Toy Story
The toy that scarred many generations of kids and grown-ups to come.

The film:
  • Woody and the mutant toys revolting against Sid.
  • The alien that accompanied Woody and Buzz is shown being used as a chew toy by Scud. The camera cuts away before we can see the full extent of what was done to it, but judging by Woody and Buzz' expressions, it wasn't pretty.
    • During the toy revolution, we briefly see the alien. It's dishevelled, mute and walks with its arms stretched out like a zombie.
  • Sid's mouth though a magnifying glass while he "interrogates" Woody.
    Sid: Where are your rebel friends now?
  • Sid himself. The way he acts is the telltale sign of a sociopath in the making.
  • Mr. Potato Head threatening to hang Woody.
  • When Scud chases Buzz throughout the house he very nearly corners the space ranger, until he catches sight of Sid's father sleeping in a chair. Scud proceeds to timidly walk away. This coupled with Scud's typical aggressive behavior implies that Mr. Phillips may abuse the poor dog.
    • This may also explain Sid's behavior.
  • Upon entering Sid's room, Woody sees remnants of other toys who didn't make it out. Imagine being in a grimy, dimly lit room, and seeing a decapitated head floating around in a lava lamp, or disembodied arms sticking out of a waffle iron or an alarm clock, and realizing that your own painful demise is imminent.
    Woody: We are gonna die...
  • Sid blowing up (ie. killing) the Combat Carl doll. Being a toy tortured by a child and not allowed to move or break pose is creepy enough, but the Combat Carl could do nothing but resign to it's death motionless, with all the other toys unable to stop it.

  • There's a Japanese doll of Woody that comes with two faces you can put onto it. The second face (probably taken from a brief frame of Woody laughing at Buzz in the first film) is... unsettling. It's also become the basis of a rather twisted meme. "You're my favorite deputy" indeed.
  • Technically, this comes from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command spinoff, but it's Toy Story related, so it counts. In the pilot movie, the Pizza Planet Aliens are revealed to be united under a single Unimind. Zurg manages to steal it, corrupt it, and use it to spread his influence throughout the galaxy. This is done by giving the creatures affected his voice, his red eyes, and his personality. The sight of Star Command under the influence of Zurg is quite terrifying.
  • Everything about this commercial for the Toy Story video game. Specifically, the fact that it takes place at night in a dark alley, the music, and the fact that the teenage boy's head ends up on Babyface's body.
  • In Toy Story: The Musical, when Woody is taken by Andy to Pizza Planet, Mr. Potato Head rather unnervingly assures Woody that he and the other vengeful toys will be waiting for him when he gets back.
  • The Toy Story game's first Boss Battle: a Nightmare Sequence where Woody fights off a giant, flying Buzz Lightyear whose lasers and weaponry are very-much-real, which is further amplified by the sinister music that's playing.