Nightmare Fuel / Thriller Restaurant
This is what happens when your wart takes over control of your body and swaps faces.

Thriller Restaurant features horror stories about a group of kids who go through all kinds of situations. Given that this show is compared to Goosebumps, it's inevitable that this series will have all the Nightmare Fuel you need to keep even adult viewers up at night. All right, let's get this show on the road.

  • Episode 2 has a horrifying dessert story, where a girl transforms a cheating classmate into a flounder. As you might have guessed, she is rewarded for her pettiness by being turned into a flounder herself. That would normally be enough for most children's horror. Not in Thriller Restaurant. The very next second, her father, a sashimi chef, shows up ready to 'prepare dinner'. After futilely trying to convince him that she's his daughter, she ultimately ends up being gutted and sliced into sashimi... by her own father! You better think twice before you order flounder at a sushi restaurant again.
  • In Episode 14, Ako Oozora has a head-sized wart, with her own face, suddenly appear on her right shoulder. It freaks her out at first, though she learns to get used to it, and it even improves her life somewhat. Until the next day, when she wakes up and finds she has switched bodies with the head. Ako is now the head on the shoulder of the body of her "evil twin", so to speak. Worse, she is unable to speak. She literally cannot produce a sound, as she begs people to realize that the girl with her body isn't really her. If that's not enough, the girl who Ako switched places with tries to kill Ako the "wart" by ramming her repeatedly into a tree to "pop" her to death. Talk about Body Horror And I Must Scream all at once.
    • If the main course for Episode 14 was scary enough, well- that's actually nothing compared to its dessert course. Replaying certain moments in life sounds cool. As this young boy learned the hard way, though, replays lose their appeal- when you get trapped in a situation where you're always going to die. Just watch the video at 3:20 onwards...
  • The episode concerning the long tunnel in Episode 16...
    • One look at Episode 16's dessert course and you will never want to go into abandoned classrooms ever again.
  • One notable example was in Episode 3. It's hard not to freak out by the scenes with the demon-possessed princess.
  • The appetizer course for Episode 6. Those bobbling heads are enough to wet your pants. In the main course, THE EYES.
  • The ending credits for episode 13 with a Freeze-Frame Bonus surprise and a mini-story to go with it.
  • The reveal in Episode 17's main course that Shou is a demon. However, the demon's true form might also trigger laughs.
  • The demon that possesses Mari in Episode 18. Enough said.