Nightmare Fuel / The Wee Free Men

  • The elves. They're sadistic Eldritch Abominations that manipulate the thoughts and emotions of mortals into worshipping them and feed off the pasts and futures of other universes because their own is nothing but a barren eternity of ice and snow.
  • Take the Dromes, monsters that look like humanoids made of dough which kill people by trapping them in dreams...Tiffany speculates that if a drome got into the real world it would make your life a living nightmare, warping the way you see the world until you want to die. And then she thinks "I wonder how many have got in already and we don't know?"
    • Which makes it recursive Nightmare Fuel AND Paranoia Fuel.
    • We also find out that they aren't even native to fairyland, the Queen found them useful so she essentially kidnapped and enslaved the entire race. One that finds itself in a dream it likes immediately stops being hostile, suggesting they are driven by raw terror at their surroundings as much as anything.