Nightmare Fuel / The Way of Kings

Nightmare fuel for The Way of Kings. Nightmare fuel for the entire Stormlight Archive is here.
  • The death messages. Utterly terrifying things that people utter in their dying moments. They speak of the complete annihilation of Roshar at the hands of unstoppable forces. It gets even worse when you realize that someone is collecting these things. And then part 5 of The Way of Kings reveals that sweet, generous Taravangian is actually an evil bastard who drains the blood of patients at his hospital to get them. For adding "pleasant" dreams, have a sampling of one of these quotes.
    "And all the world was shattered! The rocks trembled with their steps, and the stones reached toward the heavens. We die! We die!"
  • Voidbringers. Flaming masses of hatred whose only desire is to make mankind burn as they did. And they apparently suck away light wherever they go, so you can only see their red eyes and flaming skin as you listen to their horrible chanting.
  • Yelig-nar, one of the Unmade. He was a personification of destruction, and he traveled around Roshar consuming people. Apparently you could hear their screams as he spoke.
  • The Midnight Essence. Beasts of pure darkness. Dalinar's reaction to seeing them is essentially, "What the fu-Oh crap!"
  • Dalinar's final vision in Part 5 of The Way of Kings. All he knows and loves falls to dust as a giant cloud of doom sweeps the land. Then he sees The Almighty's projection. It turns out that the Almighty was killed by Odium some time before and there is nothing he can do to stop what is to come.
  • Feverstone Keep. Dalinar witnesses the Recreance, and then everyone around him starts slaughtering each other.
  • The twisted, symbolhead things that appear in Shallan's pictures. Especially near the end of Part 3 of The Way of Kings when she reaches out and feels one beside her. Later it's revealed that they chase those who tell lies because they want to find their truths. Pleasant dreams.
    • And Shallan gets her Radiant powers by having to spend every moment with one of these things.
  • Jasnah's use of her Soulcaster against the group of thugs. She transforms them into various different substances, killing them instantly.
  • Nearer the Flame. It's an account of a man gradually descending into insanity when all who he loves starves to death. And since fire is associated with Voidbringers...
  • The Thrill. It's a feeling of euphoria causing you to become a killing machine fueled by your hatred for all things around you. Dalinar sometimes breaks the Thrill, only to realizes that he was brutally slaughtering innocents with a smile on his face. On this world Odium has made war literally addictive.
  • The two words Kaladin hears in his dream: "Odium Reigns."
  • When Kaladin asks Syl about Odium, his normally good-natured, playful, and slightly snarky companion has an out-of-nowhere moment of pure screaming madness. When asked about it, not even she can explain it. Try suppressing those shivers. I dare you.
  • From the few words Kalak has to give about Damnation, we can get a feel for it. Every day, for thousands of years, hooks dig through the Heralds as their flesh is seared off. And they have to do this for all eternity, only getting a break to fight and possibly get murdered by the Voidbringers.
  • Odium. As Part 5 of The Way of Kings reveals, he's essentially a living mass of hate who will kill your gods. And he's coming for you next.
    • Not just that, he's one of those gods himself.
  • If Jasnah and Shallan's hypothesis is correct, the Parshendi/Parshmen are all Voidbringers. Which means at any moment, they could become said mythical killing machines, with little to no warning. Not a pleasant thought.
    • Made even more horrifying by Jasnah pointing out that the Parshmen are so thoroughly treated as servants and are often in charge of caring for children. That's right, the opening salvo of the war could be the systematic slaughter of a large percentage of children.
  • Dalinar realizes that ordinary soldiers view Shardbearers this way, when an injured Parshendi warrior looks up at him in stark, unadulterated terror.
  • Taravangian's hospital. Where any seriously injured patients are kidnapped and slowly euthanized - while still conscious, no less - in order for scribes to record their dying words, which happen to be prophecies about the next Desolation.