Nightmare Fuel / The Venture Bros.

  • The first part of Dr. Venture's "Flashback" in The Doctor Is Sin. It opens with a young Rusty eating some cereal (and the first spoonful is arranged to read FACE YOUR FEAR), then his father comes in wearing nothing but briefs, saying good morning. Rusty tells him that he couldn't sleep, that he had heard noises. Jonas then says that he was just having a little sleepover...and then his fly is suddenly open, AND HIS COCK HAS DR. KILLINGER'S FACE ON IT. And it's talking. Then it starts strangling Rusty while extending like a snake.
  • Tiny Attorney. The man is a midget GROWING OUT OF THE STOMACH OF AN INBRED MAN that sounds as if he suffocates whenever Tiny comes out.
  • In the season two opening episode, Powerless In the Face of Death, Orpheus attempts to bring back Dean and Hank after their deaths in the first season finale. But he can't find their souls. What turns from a nonchalant Crowning Moment of Funny as he casually goes on about the whole thing while his daughter Triana is crying and horrified by the implications, jumps into this trope when he opens the door due to knocks, only to find clones of the boys without their skin. Even worse? As the screen fades to black for commercial break, we get realistic skulls transposed over their heads faintly.
  • The Bear from "Bright Lights, Dean City"; see Bears are Bad News.
  • The hologram of the Soveriegn. It's like some weird live action/CG/animation hybrid that doesn't quite move like it should, and it's unsettling as hell, even if what he's saying is hilarious.
  • The Reveal in What Color is Your Cleansuit, that the college interns are mutating into monsters, except for the green suited ones. When Sargent Hatred hears they only eat "Student Green" he thinks its a vegetarian diet, but he soon witnesses first hand that "student green" refers to the green suited people. Bonus points for being a Shout-Out to Soylent Green
    : Mutated student: How bout a kiss ? (apparently bite the head off of a green suited student)
    • Sargent Hatred's reaction helps
    Sargent Hatred: Oh my's people!! student green is made out of people!!! (cuts to him being carried off by four other mutants apparently oblivious to what's happening to him) WE GOTTA STOP THEM SOMEHOW!!! WE GOTTA TELL DOC!!! IT'S PEOPLE!!! STUDENT GREEN IS MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!
  • The Investors took a huge step in this direction in "O.S.I. Love You." We already knew that nothing can touch them, they can float through floors and walls, and carry people with them. That means they can take you and kill you the moment everyone's back is turned. Oh, and now they can shapeshift and flawlessly imitate anyone. They keep the Guild running smoothly and do a damn good job ensuring that no one snitches.
    • To help you understand how terrifying they are, there is an example of how freaked out Monstroso got when he saw a glimpse of them when he was being interrogated by Brock Fucking Sampson. Note: Monstroso has gotten his ass kicked by Brock at least twice and the second time has taunted him by having sex with the love of his life in front of him, surrounded by OSI badasses and knowing that Brock's going to take it out of him, but he still does it just to piss him off. Yet at the mere glimpse of one of the investors he panics, runs all around the room, and knocks Brock out by accident: by flipping the table he was being interrogated at on top of him and running over him a few times just trying to get away from the investors. And that's not even going into the pure paranoia fuel these guys ramp up by just using their powers.
    • There's also their Establishing Character Moment from their first appearance, namely ripping out King Gorilla's heart.
  • Myra has Dean tied up. So she can shove him up her vagina and give "birth" to him which is already scary in-and-of itself, but made even creepier by the fact that earlier she told him to get undressed and "show mom that handsome new body."
    • Despite being bat-shit insane, Myra apparently turned an entire insane asylum and a few guards into her obedient cult. Through sheer willpower. When they snap out of it, it's treated as though they were breaking out of hypnosis or brainwashing. It was just Myra. Hell, she even managed to convince Dean to follow her. True, he wanted to bail the moment he was actually with her, but she still got "done-with-this-shit" Dean under her thrall.
    • Hell, Myra in general. Her insanity isn't played for laughs and she really comes across as dangerously psychotic.
  • From The Stinger of Bot Seeks Bot: if you're on the Guild's master Council of Thirteen, have ever been in the Chamber Sub Rosa, or anywhere close to the innermost workings of Guild society, guess what? The Revenge Society is WATCHING YOU!
  • The flashback of M.U.T.H.E.R.'s attack on Jonas' state-of-the-art fallout shelter. As the members of Team Venture are giving orphans a friendly guided tour of the shelter, M.U.T.H.E.R. unleashes some kind of psychotropic gas onto the track, sending them all into blind frenzies. The Action Man sees thousands of bugs crawling out of his clothes, Col. Gentleman sees himself getting a blowjob from a strange creaturenote  and begins desperately scratching at the walls to escape until his fingers bleed; which is all to say nothing of the dozens of hallucinating, screaming children running around everywhere... oh God, the children's screams...
    • This is made even worse when you remember they ditched those kids in said tunnels for 40 years.
  • Whatever it was, the alien that killed the Grand Galactic Inquisitor really looked like was this in-universe for all present. The sight of it horrified even Brock, and everyone nearly crapped their pants; except for Ned, who DID crap his pants.
    • "Boom-boom."
  • The deformed Dean clone is clearly insane. However, it just gets worse when he treats everything like Dean does. Listen to how he says, "there's no more left", as in, there's not more clones for him to kill and skin to get the materials for his "super secret project" read as a Genuine Human Hide. It complains about there not being enough left as if he's referring to someone eating all of the cake. He sounds so innocent for a madman.
  • The ghost of Major Tom is just creepy with the scream and the glowing green flames and some of the skeleton exposed.
  • Don Hell's death. He is dissolved by something he drank.
  • Season 6 brings us Red Death, a Red Skull/Ghost Rider-esque villain who's presented as one of the most efficient in the field. Despite being an Affably Evil family man who's supportive to The Monarch, he's a red skeletal man whose voice can suddenly drop to a horrific depth, has eyes that glow red and sinister on the job, and will find and violently vaporize you if you dare threaten his family. This is reflected, in-verse, when The Monarch/The Blue Morpho and 21/Kano are utterly terrified during their attempt to draw out Red Death by "holding his family hostage".
    • The SAW reference with two villains locked in a basement doesn't help either, especially considering one of them ate the ass meat of the other dead prisoners. Then that same one goes insane, brains the other with a pipe, and eats his ass too with the inference that he killed the rest. The Stinger to all this? #21 didn't actually kill any villains past the first, he locked them all up down here and made sure they were fed and this one villain killed the rest out of a psychopathic breakdown. And then it's implied Red Death devours him and the corpses anyway.
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch finding a Blue Morpho dart in her. It's Played for Laughs because we know the circumstances behind it, but what about from her perspective?: There's a masked killer on the loose, who's targeting members of your organization, whose well-being you are responsible for. After a hectic day at the office, you come home to relax with your husband in a bit of sexy roleplay, and the next thing you remember is waking up hours later with the killer's calling card sticking out of your buttocks and the love of your life unconscious on the floor. The freak was in your house at your most vulnerable! He's obviously taunting you by showing he knows where you live and can come after you or your husband at any time.
  • Rusty blankly, silently trying to kill himself repeatedly at the start of "Assisted Suicide". It doesn't get any better when we find out that he is being mind-controlled into doing it. (Though the fact that it's the Monarch doing it adds a bit of Nightmare Retardant.)