It's the sequel to the first ''Franchise/TheTexasChainsawMassacre''; what do you expect?
* Leatherface and Chop Top killing two obnoxious teenagers in a drive-by chainsawing. Complete with a gruesome shot of the driver's head ''falling apart''.
* The attack on the radio station, which includes, among other things, Leatherface's frenzied assault on a door and Chop Top bashing a man repeatedly in the head with a hammer until he's lying in a pool of blood.
* Chop Top's sickening habit of scraping at the skin around his steel plate with a heated wire hanger and eating the flesh that he burns off.
** For that matter, the fact that the steel plate is exposed to air at all. Hey kids, remember when you got hurt and your mom told you not to pick at it? ''That's why.''
* A scene where Leatherface is stripping skin off of LG, the man Chop Top hammered to death. This then leads to two more, equally horrific scenes:
** Having taken LG's face, Leatherface then forces Stretch to wear it before he dances with her in a creepy, twistedly affectionate scene.
** Remember what was just said about LG being dead? Turns out, he's ''still alive!'' He actually regains conciousness, face and chest skinned and all!
* The layout of the Sawyer lair is just freaky; bizarre trinkets and sculptures, often made from human remains, dessicated human corpses, hanging human body parts...
* The scene where Lefty delivers a kick to an ominously bleeding wall and a section breaks open, allowing a ''huge'' tide of bloody bits and gory chunks to come gushing out...