Nightmare Fuel / The Star Wars Holiday Special

  • The fact that it exists.
  • Before Disney reworked the entire Expanded Universe, many parts of the Holiday Special were taken as canon. This alone was enough to keep many fans of the movies up at night.
  • The fact that Itchy's implied to be masturbating is bad enough, but it gets worse when you consider that he's doing it in front of his family, and they're used to it.
    • The horrifying way his jaw moves whenever the camera cut to him during that scene was sure to haunt the nightmares of many an unsuspecting viewer. Cause nothing accentuates the sight of a perverted old wookie masturbating to VR porn in front of his family to a human woman slowly going insane than THAT.
  • Some poor bastards at BioWare probably had to sit through this multiple times when making Kashyyyk for Knights of the Old Republic and again when putting Life Day robes into Star Wars: The Old Republic. We can only hope they had a mute button.
  • The brief scene of Lumpy walking on the balcony railing. The complete lack of sound besides the wind gives it a quite eerie feeling, and the way it just comes and goes with no explanation or later follow-up can leave you wondering if you even saw it at all.