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Nightmare Fuel: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
  • Unlike the rest of the series, this movie is considerably a lot darker and has plenty of horror elements. There's Dennis, the seriously threatening thugs, the brainwashing bucket helmets, the skull infested area, the horrible looking monsters, the trench, the diver, and the climax involving drying up and turning into non-anthropomorphic animals in a gift shop. Worse than all of that, ALL HAIL PLANKTON!!!
  • The activation of the bucket helmets.
  • The old lady at the ice cream stand, who turns out to be some kind of giant monstrous anglerfish.
  • The GIGANTIC deep-sea eel that swallows the anglerfish and the Patty Wagon. It's so monstrous and quite spooky-looking that it surprises Spongebob and Patrick.
  • Frozen Mr. Krabs. The worst part is that he can still move, see, and hear what's going on. The whole reason why he is frozen in the first place is for committing a crime he didn't even do and has only six days to stay frozen in place before he's put to death by fire.
    • His face is frozen in a permanent scream, too.
  • Dennis. Enough said. He's a pretty terrifying villain for a kids movie.
  • Shell City, once you see it from SpongeBob's perspective. Just imagine being trapped inside a room with no way out with hundreds of dead people surrounding you.

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