Nightmare Fuel / The Severing Crime Edge

  • Pretty much all of the killing goods.
    • Injection of Coma Death. A giant fucking syringe.
    • The Rulebook of Sentencing and Execution. The book is capable of summoning a noose... THAT APPEARS OUT OF THIN AIR TO STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH.
    • The Pet Whip of Submissive Butchery. A whip that can strip men of their free wills... It practically turns them into zombies.
  • Partly Nightmare Fuel and partly Tear Jerker: Iwai cradling the Crime Edge during the Night of the Living Mooks. There is something deeply unnerving about a fragile little girl lovingly hold into a weapon that is enchanted to kill her, given half a chance.
  • Possessed Kiri. That is all.
    • Related to this, Grayland's flashback.