[[caption-width-right:350:Not all Vikings were Adventurous,Singing Dragon-Slaying Punks aren't they?]]

* [[https://upontheshelfreviews.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/kells017.jpg "Turn the darkness... into...]] ''(creepy distorted voice)'' '''''light'''''."
* [[EldritchAbomination Crom Cruach]] himself (his design is inspired slightly by the writhing dragon forms in Celtic artwork and ''mostly'' by [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily everything scary that lives in the deepest seas]]) and his ultimate fate involves ''[[spoiler:eating himself]]''.
* The [[spoiler:attack on Kells.]] So much. Seeing [[spoiler:Abbot Cellach struck down, after it'd been shown that he was the strongest out of all the people there. Not to mention the collapse of the scaffolding...]]
* You only see the top of Crom's cave from the outside in a shot or two--it seems to have a spiky design on it. According to the DVDCommentary... [[spoiler: it's the ''blood of Crom Cruach's human sacrifices.'']]
* [[KnightOfCerebus The Vikings in general]]. Huge, hulking figures with [[RedEyesTakeWarning glowing red eyes]] that [[BlackSpeech speak a guttural, growling language.]]
* This movie does ''not'' gloss over the destructiveness of the Viking raiders, and while [[GoryDiscretionShot most actual deaths happen offscreen]], it makes it painfully clear that an incredible number of people were killed. [[EldritchAbomination Crom Cruach]] is also quite likely to scare the pants off unsuspecting viewers.
* Brendan and Aidan [[spoiler: having to leave the Abbot behind to die because there's nothing they can do to save him.]]
* Brendan's PropheticDreams. As simplistic as the design is, it's rather horrifying seeing the vikings slaughter people and Dream!Brendan being subdued by Dream!Cruach.