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Nightmare Fuel: The Review Team
Because their just wasn't enough on the internet.

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  • During Z-Squared's Top Ten Most Hated Cartoon Characters list, Trixie is inducted and at one point, Collective Consciousness becomes her theme. Even a PMV occurs. It's may be a little cool but it can be downright FRIGHTNING.
  • There's list DEDICATED to what scared Z-Squared as a kid. Called Top Ten Scariest Nostalgic Characters, it must be watched to be decided if it's scary or just an ordinary list.
  • During the second-to-last skit in the YTP, 'Cauldron of Random', Ponyville gets a VERY unwelcome guest...
  • While this crosses over into funny territory, whenever we see a horribly designed character in the review of Foodfight, Sabrewolf's 2013 theme starts playing.
    • Hell, anytime that theme plays in any of the videos.
  • The 'Nosferatu' review takes a dark turn at the end. During the infamous scene from Spongebob that features the titular vampire, the screen then zooms in on the distorting image of Orlok smiling...and the laugh from Micheal Jackson's Thriller plays. The lights then flicker out.
  • The Space Stalin joke from the 'Aelita-Queen of Mars' review would have been funny...had it not been for the music....
  • In the review of 'Waxworks' (1924), we get the unexpected and soul-crushing return...of King Ghidorah.
    • Also, this set the stage for any bit of audio from Dante's Inferno being terrifying at the right time.
  • Mephisto's voice in the review of 'Faust' (1926). It just isn't...natural.
  • In the 'Metropolis' (1926) review, the voice for Fake Maria can be either considered hilarious or unnerving. It doesn't help that The New Dalek Theme is playing.
    • How can anyone forget the part where Slenderman appeared?

     The Fanfiction 
  • During "Bieber Fever", a group of crazed Beliebers try to create a Bieber clone after Justin gets arrested. It Fails. Horribly.
  • During "For the Hell of It", the freaking DEVIL comes for his payment from Sir (long story). His design is a little disturbing and some of his lines are just plain chilling.
  • Though you may consider the deaths of the Disciples of Satan Funny, keep in mind they were sent out of an airlock, suffocated, and even BURNED in the atmosphere. OUCH.
  • A Song of Despair and Hope has a moment that can be summed up like this: PINK AND BLUE TORTURING SMALL ANIMALS IN FRONT OF FERTILITY. Jesus Christ, no wonder Charlie beat up the 2 so bad.
  • Imagine being the innocent people trapped in New York with tons of destruction around you and a large Golem ready to spring into action.
    • It's also heavily implied that the Review Team might have gone insane from being trapped in a Prism Prison had they not been rescued.
    • Isn't Fridge Horror fun?
  • The Golus Constructs are also frightening, in their own way.
  • Do you wish to know about the reason Discord became evil? Well, say Nightmareus. Little is known about him now, but he's the creature that haunted Discord as a kid, caused Luna to break up with Discord, corrupt Discord while he was already in a state of dread, and it's also heavily implied that he was responsible for Nightmare Moon's appearance.
    • Guess what? He was. And apparently she and Nightmare Rarity are his daughters. Also the Alicorn Amulet was of his own creation. Starting to see a trend?
  • Necrosan. Right off the bat, he's revealed to be the cause of poltergeist phenomena and he's a skeletal dragon that hunts down runaway souls. Not too bad at first, but then we see the pranks he pulls on the review team just because they wouldn't accept a potentially dangerous challenge. His pranks go from bloody hilarious to just plain vile. I mean, he tore off Basil's scales for pete's sake! Later, he goes from an affably evil trickster to a fearsome opponent upon the very notion of losing to mortals. Unlike Satan, who only knocked out his opponents, Necrosan wanted to SLAUGHTER his foes if he had the chance. And made this challenge because he was bored!
    • His appearance was later revealed. It didn't help AT ALL.
  • The beginning kill of 'Re-Vamped for the Occasion' could be considered one.
    • In the same episode, Flutterbat returns. However, it quickly turns awesome when she lays the smack-down on Orlok. It also doesn't last long.
  • Though the poster for 'Hands of Fate, Hands of Doom' is a bit sub-par, the look in Megatron's eyes is just not...natural.
  • Guess what? Necrosan returns yet again in the aptly named 'Necrosan's Revenge'. Now, he's gotten deadly serious when he plans to DESTROY LONDON if he doesn't get his revenge. However, the city is a fake. This shows that Necrosan really does have limits.
  • Lycos's backstory and eyes could count.
  • A scene from 'Gone Travelin' has the Basilosaurus attack the kids at the recently flooded at the time Cul-De-Sac. Just imagine being attacked by such a vicious predator when your troubles are already huge.
  • The poster for 'Alone Against Snippit' could be considered a little creepy.
  • Every extremely violent scene from 'Curtains for Them'. Sure, The Crazy Frogs and the Seacow were annoying, but the way Snippit killed them was very graphic.
    • How said monster was defeated could also count. Basically, being ripped into pieces. It doesn't kill him, though.

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