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Nightmare Fuel: The Rapture Logs
The Rapture Logs are known for their horror, so let's see some of those examples.

  • The Harlequin, or as Jordan calls her, "Mistress." Especially when she rapes him.
  • The July 16th entry contains two particularly frightening bits: A terrifyingly cryptic factory with something crying in boxes, torture equipment, and the slender man. And then there's Anna, who brings The Harlequin's terror to the protagonist side.
  • Anna's death. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what's going on.
  • The Intermission creeped a lot of people out with its ominous "readers."
  • When the logs were first made, they were advertised as "mostly comedy with a little horror." People wound up fearing the Big Ones and spidercats more than laughing at the comedy.
  • Act III has begun, and already Anna is disturbing people, this time with her vicious treatment of Donnie.
  • The Beast gave everyone chills in August 18th.
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