Nightmare Fuel / The Others
"Are you mad? I am your daughter."
  • The famous "I am your daughter!" scene, in which Anne is possessed by the old woman. Though it later turns out that it was the other way around.
  • Anne and Nicholas hiding in the cupboard towards the end. They quickly become terrified when they realise they can hear breathing coming from just outside the door... and then the voice of the old woman whispering "Come with us...". A split second later, the old woman throws the doors of the cupboard open as the children scream in terror.
  • The film opens with a closeup on Grace shrieking as she wakes up from her nightmare.
  • The way the final reveal is done. The way the line "Is that how she killed you?" is delivered is truly chilling, as well as shocking.
  • Anne and Nicholas in their bedroom being visited by Victor. Imagine, every terror you would have as a child in the dark of your own bedroom realized, where the bedsheets do not protect you. *shiver*
  • That scene in the upstairs storeroom. The sound effects (especially that sudden moaning noise) and that creepy Virgin Mary statue really ramp up the scariness of the scene. The fact that the scene begins entirely silently and with nothing happening for a while makes it worse.