Nightmare Fuel / The Order: 1886

  • After the initial more action-packed trailers and walkthroughs that introduced us to the game, as of E3 2014 we finally see a "half-breed" in action for the first time, and let's just say the mood of the game quickly turns....
    • What does it say when the werewolf in this case, up until being discovered by Gallahad (the player character) is eagerly chowing down on a fresh human corpse....while NOT transformed?
  • The Bobby Paige trailer, in which a boy stays out too late, gets bitten by a werewolf off-screen, and when night falls again, he transforms and violently murders his parents, all shown in black and white silhouettes and told in rhyme.
    Little Bobby Paige was bold
    Even when just nine years old
    Staying out too late one night
    He came home with a bloody bite
    As daytime waned and darkness dropped
    All noises in the household stopped
    Bobby awoke, no longer him
    And tore his parents limb from limb...