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Nightmare Fuel: The Legend of Zelda CDi Games
  • Occasionally, the bizarre animation crosses into this.
    • Especially Ushrom and the magic cloak witch from the first town in Wand of Gamelon.
    • Moral Dissonance and Comedic Sociopathy aside, the way how Zelda kills Iron Knuckle and Hectan is really unsettling to some people. It really doesn't help that the heart containers inside of them, functioning as their hearts are still beating after their death.
    • The little girl who wants an arpagos' egg. That face just does not belong on a little girl!
  • When Zelda kills Hectan, he screams "YOU'VE KILLED ME!" before melting into a puddle. Her reaction? "Good."
  • Glutko in Faces of Evil straight up eats a guy, on screen. While it isn't terribly graphic, it's still pretty evident that the person he ate is dead. Besides that, he's a horrible green mound of wriggling flesh with huge lips, fangs, clawed fingers, a single huge eye, and extra nipples on his chin.
    • A now-deleted Youtube Poop made this cutscene even more disturbing by adding screams and crunching sounds.
  • The wolf-lion-giant-pair-of-lips... thing Omfak is so frightfully bizarre it's hard to believe it wasn't spawned from some animator's nightmarish fever dream.

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