Nightmare Fuel: The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn' is a classic, beautiful film well worth the frights and scares — for adults.

  • The transformation of an oak tree into a huge, fleshy-looking woman who smothered a character's head in her bosom while shrieking incoherently into an oncoming storm of thunder and lightning.
  • Most of the encounter with Mommy Fortuna's freak show and the aforementioned owner's gruesome death at the claws of a shrieking harpy with a skeletal vaguely human face and sagging wrinkled breasts.
    • After Celaeno kills Mommy Fortuna, it turns on her assistant Ruhk. While devouring the latter, you can clearly see Mommy Fortuna's stiff, unmoving corpse with a frozen, screaming expression on her face!
  • A giant fanged bull made of fire that threatened to trample the herds of beautiful unicorns.
  • The mad king Haggard and his rotting, dilapidated castle.
  • An animate skull with burning red eyes, who screamed and howled with unnatural fury at the main character as she tried to escape said castle.