Nightmare Fuel / The LEGO Movie
Hey buddy!

  • Scribble-Faced Bad Cop. Brrrr. Fortunately, it's not as bad as it seems: he simply turned around his now-permanent Bad Cop face and scribbled a crude smiley face on the back. Very creative.
    • On the other hand, it can still be funny, from how his new face was so utterly crudely drawn.
  • The scene where Good Cop has his face forcefully erased with the nail polish remover is pretty unsettling. And Lord Business doesn't do a clean job of it either, as we see Good Cop's face smudged at least twice before Business completely eliminates it.
    • Nightmare Retardant: The squeaky sound effects of the Q-Tip rubbing Good Cop's face off along with the dramatic music stopping for a second does make it less scary.
      • And does it very slowly. However, it's still painful to watch Bad Cop struggle to get up from the floor, and his parents staring in horror as their own son gets his good side wiped off.
  • When you get past the cheery and normal-looking environment, the world of The LEGO Movie falls right into this trope. People who are forcibly made to follow rules that include the suppression of creativity, free thought, and even free will, or risk being put to sleep or being caught by the Secret Police and glued? Survelliance cameras on every street corner? Posters that emphasize that Big Brother Is Watching? A corrupt corporate president of the world who is hell-bent on gluing the world together (including his citizens)? A chief of police who swings from a sweet, lovable guy to an absolute power freak at the drop of a hat? Good Lord, NOTHING is awesome in that world.
    • Considering The Reveal, that is 100% intentional.
  • As she shows Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, and Vitruvius around Cloud Cuckoo Land, Uni-Kitty demonstrates that she has some anger issues to work out and gives off some creepy Stepford Smiler qualities.
    Uni-Kitty: Any idea is a good idea. Except the not-happy ones. Those you push down deep inside {she gets closer to the screen with each word, sounding increasingly angry} where you'll never, ever, EVER {Uni-Kitty makes an angry Nightmare Face at the viewers before she snaps back to her usual cutesy self} find them!
    • Her face mid-transformation is scarier than her angry face.
    • Fortunately, by the time she fully embraces Rage Uni-Kitty, it becomes a Moment of Awesome because she's using it to stop the Micro-Managers and help Emmet get to Lord Business. Although some of her freakier moments can still be this, like how she turns into a crude assortment of bricks that clashes big time with her generally cute appearance.
  • The destruction of Cloud Cuckoo Land. It's staged just like a conventional disaster movie, with citizens screaming as they flee from the collapsing structures, with this odd muffle/reverb effect overlaid onto the audio.
  • The Kragle, Lord Business' secret weapon that glues everything in place.
    • More specifically, it not only glues everything in place, it turns everyone into a sentient, yet frozen corpse. Which may seem humorous until the ending is finally revealed and you see that Lego people, in this universe, are Living Toys- which makes it even more cringe worthy when the Man Upstairs unknowingly spreads around the Krazy Glue like butter.
  • Think Tanks. They're cells that drain the Master Builders' creativity. And they're fully conscious as it happens.
    • Also what happens if an M-B defies any of Lord Business's orders. In one scene where a robot comes in and tells the trapped M-Bs about something Lord Business wants built, Gandalf yells, "We'll never help you!" Cut to him getting electrocuted right after he says it. And then his (and everyone else's thoughts) get stolen anyway.
  • Emmet's helplessness once he enters the real world. He tries to move or say something, but can't.
    • And his face enters Uncanny Valley, despite looking like the standard LEGO minifigure expression. He can't speak out loud, but he can think to himself. However, the things he thinks and the shot of him desperately trying to move off the table turns his semi-inanimate state into a funny moment.
    • His face reaches Uncanny Valley because you were so used to how expressive and funny the character's face was throughout the film that it is just weird how out of place and still the face is.
    • The fall into the real world. The warping vortex and sudden darkness and silence are unsettlingly like a depiction of death.
  • The thing Finn's dad says to his son before ripping his wonderful creations apart. It's the way he says it that makes it so menacing.
    The Man Upstairs: OK, Finn, let's play a game. It's called, "Let's put everything back together."
    • As this happens, Emmet is mentally begging Finn's father to stop it, because he's hurting his friends. He's completely motionless, he has to watch this, and there is nothing he can do about it. He sounds on the verge of tears. And Finn probably is too.
    Emmet: STOP! T-They're my friends!
    • And in the Lego World, they see it as being attacked and destroyed by Micromanagers. It's a Tear Jerker for them too, because all their hard work and fighting was for naught. Kind of like how most uprisings get crushed by the government the revolutionaries oppose.
  • This quote from the Honest Trailers neatly sums up the fear factor:
    "Laugh along at the mix of expert CGI and comically bad Live Action - that covers up the horrific reality of what you're actually watching! Like this cop killing his own parents! The destruction of an entire city... the brutal beheading of one of the film's heroes! And the fact that this father and son have created a sentient universe in their basement that they can destroy at any time!"