Nightmare Fuel / The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

  • It sounds funny at first, but this vid takes concept of death by spoon and actually makes it seem creepy. If that doesn't do it, try the Groin Attack entry on for size.
  • The old woman who tells Jack about the legend of the Ginosaji is rather horrifying to look at.
    • Nothing can stop the Ginosaji. The Ginosaji will never stop, until you are dead. Getting beaten up with a spoon may be funny, but getting beaten up with a spoon every single minute of your entire life... It's like Chinese water torture taken Up to 11.
    • Jack's increasingly injured body over the course of the film sells this quite nicely. He's not just getting hit with a spoon, he's getting pulped.
    • At one point, there's a close-up on him getting a tooth knocked out. Aagh.
  • The Save Jack option, wear protective clothing, where the Ginosaji actually realizes that its more effective torture to hit the helmet that Jack decided to wear than to hit him. Jack's reaction in the end is just torturous...
  • What Jack goes through in "Ginosaji VS Ginosaji" is just horrible.
  • The Ginosaji himself looks creepy, and - if it wasn't for the spoon - would look like he had been ripped straight out of an extremely good low-budget horror film.
    • The way the Ginosaji walks is just downright disturbing because it greatly contributes to his Humanoid Abomination appearance.