Nightmare Fuel: The Haunting (1963)

  • The overall paranoia of the film (culminating with Nell going completely insane).
  • The scene with Nell asking Theo to stop holding her hand so tightly, in a death grip. And then the lights come on and....
  • At one point almost human faces appear in the wallpaper. In almost any other horror film it'd be ridiculous, but here...
  • And how about that breathing door? Shudder Even if it DOES lead to one of the very few comical moments in the movie.
    • The previous door scene as well; rarely has a rattling doorknob been so terrifying.
  • The Wham Shot of the suddenly open door to the nursery.
  • During the wallpaper scene, the angry male voice (presumably reading scripture aloud), combining with the crying child, combining with the shrieking, combining with the hysterical laughter. ::shudder::
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