Nightmare Fuel / The Green Knowe Chronicles

The Green Knowe Chronicles by Lucy M. Boston is about a boy who ends up being sent to live at an old gothic manor. Strange things are afoot, however...

  • The titular children are ghosts that are trapped there. Although the children themselves are benevolent, there's a tree in the garden which the children called "Green Noah", inhabited by a demonic tree-spirit. The little poem about Green Noah is especially creepy:
    Green Noah, demon tree,
    Evil fingers can't catch me!
    • Oh, children's rhymes are nothing compared to the Gypsy Curse that a mad witch originally used to summon the demon into the tree:
    Scritchit, scratchit, shapen yew,
    Devil's image, take on you,
    Evil grow, evil be,
    Green Noah, demon tree!
  • In the fifth book, when Melanie sends a curse to Tolly's grandmother, carved on the skin of a child's hand.
    • The maggots and snakes also count as this.
  • The scene in the sixth book, when the Saxons are slaughtering the Britons.