Nightmare Fuel / The Fairy Rebel

  • The second half of the book contains a scene in which Bindi squeezes a wasp out of a toothpaste tube. Think about that. A live wasp. Inside a toothpaste tube. The illustrations in the book made the wasps look more like yellowjackets, which are worse than normal wasps.
  • After the wasp in the toothpaste, we also have a bit where Bindi opens a packet of cereal and finds several wasps in that.
  • Then, Bindi finds a necklace. With dark gemstones that are shaped like wasp stingers. And her one friend puts it on her before she can protest and the stones dig into her skin so it won't come off. It doesn't hurt her, but still! She then goes home and finds a magic wand covered in thorns. When she picks it up, that too becomes stuck into her hand. She uses it to make an endless supply of toys appear, which leads to (1) a life-sized baby doll with glowing, green eyes appearing and (2) her nearly dying from suffocation as the door to her room gets jammed and she is almost buried alive. Oh, and before all of this happens, there's a lovely scene where her mother finds the wand in the garden. It's lying there in the dark, glowing with a pulsing green light, and it burns her when she tries to pick it up. And this is for kids?
  • Tiki describes the Fairy Queen's favorite punishment: trapping rebellious fairies in wasp nests that have been vacated for the winter. If the wasps return in the spring, the fairy is stung to death as an intruder; if not, they waste away in the darkness.