Nightmare Fuel / The Faculty
Spoilers abound below...beware!

  • Miss Burke's decapitated head sprouting tentacles, then crawling back to and reattaching itself to its body, which is still walking around.
  • Principal Drake getting up after being shot, with a bunch of little parasites crawling out of the bullet hole in her head.
    • Ditto her Impaled Palm and subsequent chase through the darkened school by the coach.
  • Marybeth's transformation into her alien form, her arms turning into Combat Tentacles and her head melting into her body, then turning into one ugly creature that looks like the Predator.
  • The sight of Jon Stewart with a pen jammed into his eye is either this or Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Mrs. Brummel in the shower with her skin peeling off, and moaning for help. Made even more gruesome when patches of hair come away, with mushy scalp included.
  • Coach Willis standing out in the rain with dozens of little tentacles sprouting from his head and razor sharp teeth.