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Nightmare Fuel: The Blob
  • The '80s remake. Many of the deaths are quite terrifying. Good examples are Paul whose eyes have just dissolved and his eyesockets bleeds and his face looks like the Scream mask and Kevin's friend who pops out of the water, half melted and screaming. The Sheriff is dead when we see him, but you can see his corpse dissolving into the blob.
  • The woman from the diner runs out after witnessing the Blob kill one of her workers. She goes to a phone booth in an attempt to call the sheriff for help. All this time, the Blob is surrounding the phone booth...
  • Beware! The Blob. There's no other Blob movie where the Blob eats an animal, so the kitten scene is awful. To explain to people, the kitten gets near the rather small Blob and the Blob grabs the cat. We never actually see it eat the cat, but it drags it out the window. The worst part? The kitten is mewling as it gets pulled out.
  • The theater scene in the 1988 remake. Everything about it is terrifying.

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