* ''The Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death!'' has a number of rather dark songs:
** "Sequence Erase!" is a sinister ditty about a super-villain plotting to destroy the time-space continuum.
** "Chemical Bomb!", a [[LyricalDissonance bright and mellow song]] about the narrator getting fed up with pushy people at the grocery store and idly ruminating on TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt [[IndulgentFantasySegue and the grisly deaths of all the people who annoy him]].
-->Chemical bomb, chemical bomb\\
Eyes melt, skin explodes, everybody's dead\\
It won't be long, it won't be long\\
People gonna run around losing their heads
** "Monster Wedding!" The protagonist has been transported to a planned wedding, where all the other attendants are monsters and his bride smiles at him in a predatory manner as she walks up the aisle. Cue the ending, where he whispers for a moment, then shivers, then screams. And it ends.
** "Amino Man!" is about a body builder whose obsession with building mass turns him into [[BodyHorror a hideous over-muscled monster]].
-->Chemicals help him cut back on the pain\\
But he got so big he ran out of skin to strain\\
He popped his brain!
* "Meltdown!" from ''Charge!!'' is a manic and unsettling song about [[SanitySlippageSong a man being driven over the edge by his stressful life]], with lyrics implying [[DrivenToSuicide attempted suicide]]:
-->It has come to this\\
And now I must\\
And now I must surgically remove myself!