Nightmare Fuel / Tales from Earthsea

Tales from Earthea, strangely for a Ghibli movie, exists for it's majority out of pure nightmare fuel.
  • To begin; in an incredibly disturbing dream sequence, Arren is haunted by some sort of distorted figure that engulfs him and stares at him with dead eyes.
  • A short while later, Arren is chased down by his own shadow who follows him into a swamp, giving the impression he plans to drown Arren. Extra points for having Arren slip and fall underwater.
  • The wizard Cob is nightmare fuel in living form.
    • Everything from his creepy voice, appearance and demeanor is already threatening, but watch his Villainous Breakdown and it will seriously give you shudders. He transforms into a hollow-eyed, dead-looking, grotesque version of himself and strangles Therru by pumping up his arm.
    Cob: I don't want to die!
    • The incredibly subdued and detached way he responds to said strangling is plenty creepy as well. He whispers "She's dead, she's dead, poor her..." while just staring.
  • Narm aside, the moment at which Arren slices off Cob's arm is nightmare-worthy. Especially when it transforms into black goo and Cob reattaches it.